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I grew up in Seattle. Neither of my parents finished college, though my dad went to a trade school. I think that is what fueled my parents' desire for my sister and me to take advantage of everything we had available to us and do our best. I remember my parents being intimately involved with everything related to schoolwork.

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They both worked hard so we could have what we needed, and they always found the time to help me. We were all very crafty, as well. But I worked on mine with my dad, and brought in a gigantic, four-foot-long Pacific Northwest Raven made of multilayered poster board. It was hinged so it could open. I could put it on over my head and we put a headrest inside so it was comfortable. At one point, my dad was working as an auto body rebuilder, working at the Metro Bus Company and also working another job doing janitorial work.

He would get home around or midnight. He was quiet and unassuming—not a very conversational dad. My dad was born in Tokyo and was pretty non-religious for most of his life, as far as I know. But over the years, my mom went through different stages of her faith, and eventually her religion got more restrictive and constrictive, more and more rule-bound.

My mom and I were both religious, but we started to diverge onto different paths. In high school, I became a more of an Evangelical Catholic. I wanted to have a dialogue with my mom about this. It was like pulling her heart out. After trying to convince me otherwise, eventually she accepted it.

Suddenly, I was reading Plato, Aristotle, and the Odyssey for the first time.

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High school came pretty easy for me, I always had a 4. I started learning all kinds of stuff, not just academically, but spiritually, too. My Catholicism became more meditative and contemplative. I spent five days at a silent retreat at a Benedictine abbey in Canada, and it was incredible.

It was so inward and silent, unlike the outward praise I had been so used to. It bestowed a quieter, more mystical sense of what God is. There was a priest there who was also a physics teacher and a theology teacher. I would go to his masses in a small, beautiful, intimate chapel and listen him talk about the Trinity in terms of quantum physics. This gave me a sense of a bigger universality of knowledge, of experience, of connections.

College helped me figure out who I was as a person, as a student, as a thinker, and as a leader. For Milwaukee Wisconsin my love about all these big ideas, sitting on a beautiful campus in the middle of the city, reading Plato under a tree—it was kind of ideal in my head. I remember wanting to be Mr. I was accepted to great schools all over the country, but Marquette in Milwaukee was the only school that offered me a full ride and gave me the opportunity to teach for a stipend.

So, without knowing anything about Wisconsin, I packed up and got ready to drive to Marquette with my dad. I was focused on academics in college, but I did date some.

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I dated girls, but I always felt pulled in a different direction. In fact, ever since my Bible study days in high school I felt that tension.

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I think it was good that I had the faith that I did during high school, because at that point it literally saved me. I had this belief in my head that I could pray things away.

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Looking back now, it was pretty unhealthy, but I also know that if I decided to come out back then I would been all alone, like a lot of kids are. The month before I left for graduate school in Milwaukee, I was ready to deal with it, and I went on my first date with a man. He was this guy I would always see at the bank near campus, and I would always make sure I was in his line. He had a kind, gentle voice. I looked him up in the phone book and left him a message asking him out on a date. Just before I left for grad school, I ended up bringing him to a wedding reception with all For Milwaukee Wisconsin my love my friends and my former girlfriend.

I was ready to start dating. I was also taking classes and teaching freshman classes, so I was always walking around in my khaki pants, button-down shirt, tweed jacket, a tie, and a little shoulder bag. I was a bit of a nerd, but it turns out some people were into that—or thought it was cute and innocent. My sister knew that I was gay and was supportive of me. But later, when she was in the middle of yet another argument with our parents, she outed me to them. She was on a call with them and basically blurted out, 'Well, Dominic's going on a date with somebody named Christopher.

Things blew up. My mom and I started a year saga, writing letters back and forth trying to reason with each other and convert each other to what was right. My mom had a love of literature growing up and always instilled that in me. Over time, her letters started to be become more and more apocalyptic. I think we eventually just wore each other out. I put a lot of emotion and thought into every letter, I was trying to win them over, but it just became so repetitive and exhausting.

I can convince them. So, the letters stopped. They always had high hopes for me and wanted me to be the best person I could be—so why would I choose to just throw it all away? It turns out that it was they who threw me away. My faith has slowly transformed into a faith in humanity. For me, it became more about what I see in front of me. That is enough, and by God we know it needs help. Although it is not a traditional form of faith, reverence for humanity can be profound and humbling.

I had one month of training to learn about grammar and rhetoric and how to work with Marquette students. I had one or two classes a semester. I had office hours at the coffee shop; I could hang at the library. I went to class and met kids after. I was on my own for the first time, and it was great. I was meeting people and expanding my perspectives in all kinds of different ways. At some point that night, we were at a restaurant under the L and we got to talking; he found me to be a kind of relief. We were with people who were very into material things, and neither of us was very interested in their conversations.

We hit it off immediately. We continued to talk and built a friendship. It just felt so good, so natural. He introduced me to his family, and I became part of it from the moment we met. I was involved and accepted and even became an uncle right away. My ostracism from my own family made Scott angry and sad. He was always a supportive presence during the years of relentless letter exchanges with my mother.

He is such a kind soul, and I knew he was the man I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. I went in for an interview, got hired, and started teaching high-schoolers. Teaching high-schoolers was a whole new world. These kids wanted none of it. We used a demerit system to keep them under control, but they talked and talked while we were trying to do things. I would get frustrated a lot when I first started, and I came up with ridiculous consequences. Like after three demerits, you had to go measure the hall For Milwaukee Wisconsin my love a tiny ruler.

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We had long hallways, and six floors of them. I realized—you know what? Some of these kids probably would rather go measure the hallway with a tiny ruler than sit here and read Antigone. So I got rid of that.

For Milwaukee Wisconsin my love

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