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Show All Answers. Call our dispatcher at or stop by our office. The complaint will be given to an officer to investigate. Yes, all dogs four months or older must have a county dog County law reference- Section Yes, such tag shall be affixed to the collar of the dog to which it relates and must be worn by such dog at all times except: when the dog is competing in a dog show, or when the dog has a skin condition which would be exacerbated by wearing of a collar County law reference- Section You should be aware that if you fail to purchase an animal you would be subject to a fine for the first offense.

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Call or stop by our office. We will try to determine if an animal fitting the description of your animal was picked up and impounded. If we have not impounded your animal we will fill out a lost card describing the animal, and keep it on file.

Please be mindful that it is very difficult to identify mixed breed animals due to discrepancies and variations in descriptions. You should also contact the Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society at Even though they do not pick up animals, they will frequently take in a stray animal that has been found by a citizen and brought to their facility. They are located at:.

If your dog was picked up in a non-leash law area, and was wearing a valid county dogthere will be no charge. If your dog was picked up as a stray no valid on collar or was running at large the fees are as follows. Cash or check only; sorry no credit cards. County law reference- Section No animal is permitted to roam free off the owner's property in certain areas of the county. This includes dogs, horses and other animals. There are several ordinances that apply:. All animal bites must be reported, and failure to do so could result in a summons being issued.

This is a matter of public health and enforcement of these regulations is the responsibility of Animal Control and the Gloucester County Health Department. Any animal that bites someone must be placed in quarantine for a day period and cannot be removed from the county unless permission is granted by the Gloucester County Health Department.

If you or any family member are bitten, call the Health Department at during regular hours and they will complete all required paperwork. If medical treatment is required the doctor or hospital providing the treatment should report the incident. Every attempt should be made to identify the animal so the owner can be contacted and the necessary paperwork completed.

If a wild animal is involved and cannot be located, you will be advised by your doctor and the Health Department what treatment is necessary. County Law Reference Section It shall be unlawful for any owner to allow their animal to defecate on the property of other persons without their consent. Immediately removal of the defecated matter shall not constitute a violation. This is not a service Woman looking sex Gloucester Courthouse by the County. We do not have the authority to perform this service for pet owners. A d veterinarian must do this.

It is unlawful for any owner or custodian of a animal to allow such animal to ride in any motor vehicle or in any portion thereof that is open in such a manner to permit such animal to jump out of the vehicle or to be thrown there from by acceleration of, stopping of, or accident involving, such vehicle.

This includes, but is not limited to, the open bed of a truck, the interior of a convertible vehicle with the top down or removed, the rear storage Woman looking sex Gloucester Courthouse of a station wagon with the tailgate open, and the trunk or hatchback portion of any vehicle with the trunk or hatchback open. An animal is allowed in these prohibited portions only if it is tethered or confined to a cage of adequate construction and de to prevent its escape. As such, we are governed by all county policies and procedures and totally funded by the county.

Animal Control officers patrol the county streets and enforce all state and county animal related ordinances. The Humane Society is a privately owned organization and is independent from county control. The Humane Society operates with private donations and private grants. Please note that the Humane Society is the approval authority for all adoptions and that all adoption paperwork is done through them.

Please call Animal Control at before going to the shelter to ensure there is an officer there to show you the animals. Work this solution into the dog's coat and then rinse with water. The peroxide will neutralize the skunk spray. You may hold onto the animal, but by law, you must contact Animal Control within 48 hours to provide all information such as description of animal and location found to Animal Control.

Please note that Virginia State Law 3. A permit is required whenever constructing, adding to, altering, removing, or changing the use of a structure. Also whenever installing or altering equipment regulated by the Virginia USBC, and removing or disturbing any asbestos or lead containing materials. After obtaining your septic and well permits from the Health Departmentyou will first need a land disturbing permit issued by the Environmental Department and a zoning permit issued by the Planning and Zoning Department.

Application may be made for all permits simultaneously or individually in stages. After the building permit is issued, subsequent permits will be needed such as the trades permits, including electrical, plumbing and mechanical permits.

View list of steps PDF. Fees are calculated after the plan review is complete. Some fees are based on the size of the structure square footage and others are based on the cost of the project, such as alterations and renovations. View a complete fee schedule PDF.

Pools, spas and hot tubs require permits and safety barriers if they meet any of the following conditions: Exceed 24 inches in depth, 5, gallons of water, square feet in area 14 feet diameter. Find more information in our residential swimming pools brochure PDF. Plans are required for review prior to issuance of a deck permit. You may draw your own plans, have your de professional draw them, or you may use the pre-printed deck detail PDF.

If that is the preferred choice, the deck will need to be constructed in accordance with the plan.

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The work needs to be checked by an inspector to ensure that the work is done safely and properly. The inspector can also offer advice on how to proceed should problems arise. Other reasons for inspections are legal and financial liabilities. View an inspection procedure PDF. However, if you hire a contractor, it is your responsibility to ensure they are d and the contractor should obtain the permit. You should ask the person you choose to hire to show you their credentials. Be sure they are d and insured. A local business is required in addition to a state.

If you need additional help, contact this office. General code questions may be answered in this office by calling A permit is required for both residential and commercial demolition. It's a good idea to obtain a permit so the structure will be removed from your real estate assessment and you will no longer be taxed for the structure. Commercial structures may require an asbestos report prior to issuance of the permit. The inspectors are routinely on a daily schedule from to a. They may be contacted at during office times or by at any time. Interior alterations and renovations require permits if structural changes are being made or electrical, plumbing or mechanical changes are being made.

For residential uses, cosmetic changes such as floor covering and sheetrock do not require permits. Gloucester is located Woman looking sex Gloucester Courthouse the miles per hour wind zone. Get more information regarding basic de criteria PDF. Permits obtained for septic systems septic tank and drainfield and wells are issued by the Gloucester County Health Department and they may be reached at Flood maps are available in the Building Inspection office and may be viewed during normal office hours.

You can check our Flood Information or feel free to at for more information. Temporary structures require permits and inspections the same as permanent structures. Wood stoves require permits and inspections and are to be listed and labeled and installed per manufacturers' installation instructions. View a guide for more information PDF. Manufactured homes, ly known as mobile homes, are deed, constructed, inspected, and certified under a federal program administered by the U.

These homes are built on a permanent chassis, are transportable in one or more sections, are deed to be used as single family dwellings when connected to the required utilities, may be sited with or without a permanent foundation, and include the plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, and electrical systems contained in the structure. View details and an image of the label PDF. The will should be probated in the Circuit Court of the city or county of decedent ' last legal residence.

If the decedent died in a nursing home, his or her legal residence is pd to be where he or she resided prior to becoming a patient. If a decedent left a will, he or she is said to have died testate.

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If a decedent has no valid will, then he or she is said to have died intestate. If a decedent dies without a will, then Virginia law provides the lineage in which descendants inherit after payment of funeral expenses, debts and cost of administration. It is as follows:.

Woman looking sex Gloucester Courthouse

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