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A Gorgeous Young WomanDespite best of my efforts,I was still unable to come out of the frustration caused by our inability to swing into an immediate action and catch the city bus boarded by that lovely graceful lady just a few minutes ago..And this terrible restlessness in me led to a huge conflict,between my wisdom and my agonizing thought process,in my mind.. After that,too many contradicting thoughts,one after the other,tormented my mind for a good fifteen minutes..

I know am from the best college that educates the most beautiful girls coming from the elite of Hyderabad city and I know I have also seen many more beautiful girls than Ms.Gorgeous in my life before that and I know am only a teenager and too young to understand the many nuances of such intricate human fallacies like sensitive love and surreal romanticism..

Am also aware that,even though I still try and understand the nuances of those two intricate human fallacies,I care a damn for them as am,at that point of time,more interested in my game of Cricket,films and film music..That’s all..

However,what am still unable to understand was,”why the hell am I breaking my head for a lady whom I have seen,just,a few minutes ago and whom I may or may not see again in my life,thereafter..”..

May be I was too young to understand and too naive to realize that too much of curiosity in anything in life leads to madness and madness defies all logic.. PERIOD..

Nonetheless,me and my friend have decided to go to some movie that day to divert our attention from that lovely lady,at least for a few hours…

But which movie..??..

The Lovely Couple Of Rishi Kapoor And Neetu SinghBoth of us have already seen almost all the movies that were screening in Hyderabad that time..So which movie to go..??..A very big question… Honestly,I wanted to watch the super duper romantic Hindi musical “Khel Khel Mein”,starring the handsome Rishi Kapoor and the bubbly fruitilicious Neetu Singh,as it’s hero and heroine..Both me and my dear friend have already watched this movie many number of times, however,I don’t mind watching it any number of times just for it’s great music composed by the one and only R.D.Burman,my all time favorite music director ..

That said,it’s not alone watching the movie that’s important for me at that moment but it’s also equally important for me to down a bottle of Beer that evening..

How about that then..???..Another big question..

I tried to analyze our whole financial picture..To begin with,we hardly have fifty rupees with us and that money will be just good enough for our movie tickets and snacks..So how to get money for a beer in the evening..???

My inner self started yelling at me “forget that lady and forget her grace should have a Beer this evening..That’s all..”..I was just introduced to Beer those days and you know how the craving for it will be,in the initial days..

I looked around for a few moments and then looked at my bakra friend and then decided to play a trick on him..One..Two..Three

Whoa..Got it..

I know my friend very well and I also know how to lure him into my trap..May God forgive me for my cheap tricks..

My friend was hesitating to tell me but he is,in fact,very eager to watch “Khel Khel Mein” just for the sake of adoring it’s heroine Neetu Singh again and again.. No dude.. Not in appreciation of her acting skills yaar but in appreciation of her scintillating physical properties..Got my point..??

A Gorgeous Looking WomanHowever,my smart friend wanted to go very cautious with me..Hence,displaying all the great innocence in the world,he very carefully asked me “arey yaar..which movie shall we go..??..”..Since I know my dear friend’s all endearing weaknesses very well,I told myself “it’s now time for me to play the trick on my friend for my beer in the evening..”.. Turning to him,I very politely said “let’s go to “Chit Chor” yaar..It has lovely music and lovely songs,particularly “jab deep jale aanaa”.. My favorite..Ohoho whattt a song and what a composition by Ravindra Jain..We should see it again..Chalo chalo let’s go to “Chit Chor”..O k..??..”

I found tremors in my friend’s face for a moment as he hurriedly said.”abbey ..nooooooo yaaaaaar..we have seen that movie enough number of times many times do we watch it..instead let’s do one thing..we shall go to “Khel Khel Mein”…such a lovely movie with such lovely music composed by your favorite music director R.D.Burman…It also has your favorite song “ek main aur ek tuu”..How’s my idea and what do you say..I know you will say o k..Right.??”..

Almost dipping his face into my eyes,my friend was eagerly waiting for my reply..

Poor fella,my friend..sob..sob..sob..he thought he gave me the best idea no one else in this world had so far given and was looking at me for my approval of the same..

Displaying great disinterest in my face,I said..”Abey paagal hogaya many times you want me to watch this stupid film..We have seen it enough number of times and not anymore..O K..”..

I know my friend was very disappointed with my reply and would now come up with a new proposal to convince me..”Let him come”..I started looking at the other side of the road,as though I am not interested in going to any movie at all..

My poor friend was in a big dilemma and went into his silence zone for a few moments..

I know he’s already in a mood to watch “Khel Khel Mein” and not “Chit Chor” because Neetu Singh,the heroine of Khel Khel Mein wears a mini frock throughout the film and exhibits her assets in a bombastic way whereas Zarina Wahab,the heroine of “Chit Chor” wears only a simple cotton saree throughout the film and as such doesn’t possess much to display..(May the noble lady,Zarina Wahab,forgive me for my remarks..)

LoveAfter a few more minutes of silence my dear friend came very slowly to me and sat beside me..I was observing him from the corner of my right eye..He first came close to me and later put his hand around my shoulder and said “..arey yaar,listen to me..Let’s  go to “Khel Khel Mein”..I want to watch it again for those lovely songs..What’s there in Chit Chor..I agree it has great music and great songs but it also has those boring faces of Amol Palekar and Zarina Wahab..It’s miserable to watch them again and again yaar..Try to understand..”

I slowly turned my face towards my friend and said ” Abey,am not interested ..Pleasee…Let’s go to college”..I have shot the last arrow from my armory of tricks..

It hit him bang on the target as my friend finally said “..O K..Deal..I will buy a Beer for you in the evening if you come with me to Khel Khel Mein now..”..

“Hoorrraaaahh I hit the bull’s eye”..I wanted to scream loudly but,with a great difficulty,resisted my temptation..

Later,both of us went to watch “Khel Khel Mein..”in the famous Prabhat Talkies, located in the Kachiguda area of Hyderabad..It was the millionth time we were watching that movie and it was the billionth time the movie was being shown in Hyderabad since its first release,God knows when..

While watching the movie I have found that “Most of the so called audiences,a majority of whom were frustrated students like me,who have come to watch this lovely movie,have actually come there to do everything except watching the movie and the remaining all,except me (no option you have to trust me),were visually measuring those exceptionally outrageous physical properties of Neetu Singh,the heroine of the film..”

And even from that small group of perverted audiences,who were virtually measuring Neetu Singh’s physical properties,I know,I was the only poor stupid guy watching Neetu Singh’s face alone…PERIOD

A Hot Looking WomanFinally,I looked around and found that even my great friend was no exception as he too was very busy watching seriously (??),not the film and not it’s screen,but Neetu Singh and Neetu Singh alone.. However,my dear reader,let me not mention here what exactly was my friend was watching,at that time,in Neetu Singh but it definitely was not her face ..As a matter of fact I have to very honestly confess that,even today, my friend is a great fan of not only beautiful ladies but also all females he comes across in his life,no matter what their continent, country, caste, color, creed, size,height,religion,radius,circumference and all other vital statistics, dimensions and measurements,are…

With a great difficulty we finished watching that great film and walked out of the theater..After coming out,I wanted to eat a plate of Samosa chat in the neighboring Hyderabad’s famous Gokul chat bhandar,but our poor financial status forced me to resist my temptation..

For a moment,I thought of killing my friend for not carrying enough money to get me a plate of Samosa chat,however,I have decided not to do that as I very honestly thought it was too small a reason to kill a person,who also happens to be my best friend and my sponsor for the evening Beer..

But unfortunately,at that moment,I could not realize that the dirty ugly trick I have played on my beloved friend in the morning for just a bottle of Beer,is actually going to teach me a very harsh lesson,of my life,that evening..May God bless every human being living on this planet with such a lovely friend who still is and will forever be my best friend..AMEN

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