“When many a head will tumble down beneath your ruthless sword.. Those who watch will lose their cool and dread the fatal stroke.. But we will stand undeterred despite the threat you hold.. Others might crouch and cringe before your menacing pose.. Blow us if you like to shreds, we will be firm and bold.” – Bahadur Shah Zafar

Those were the favorite lines of this most powerful student leader of independent India, who was also a Physics research scholar par excellence those days and a rebel extraordinaire of his times.

However, the life of this maverick student leader was abruptly cut short when he was brutally stabbed thirty two times, all over his tender 25-year old body, by a few ruthless goons belonging to the Akhil Bharatiya Vidya Parishad (ABVP) Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and the Jan Sangh (previous name of Bharateeya Janata Party – BJP) parties, forty four years ago, on the 14th of April, 1972.

This ghastly murder was committed in broad daylight, that day, in the premises of the Osmania University College Of Engineering Hostel 1 in Hyderabad.

All the students, all the staff members and all the inmates of that famous Hostel, have remained watching with fear, on that day, the brutal murder of the most admired and also the most popular student of their university, from behind the windows of their rooms.

All the policemen on duty, that day, have just remained unmoved in their positions as they were instructed to remain so.. Everything on that most eventful day in the history of the celebrated Osmania University had gone according to the scheming of the goons. ruling the University those days.

In a diabolic game of great betrayal played on that day, in which two of this most innocent student leader’s personal friends too were involved, everyone – right from those who designed it and also those who executed it- have played their roles to perfection.

As a result..

Independent India’s greatest student leader..

The ever agile..

The ever brilliant..

The ever caring..

The ever energetic..

The ever friendly..

The ever loving..

The ever protective..



The ever polemicist..

Physics research scholar..

Called George Reddy..

Was mercilessly knocked out from this world.

The Next Day After That Brutal Murder,

Eyes Full Of Tears

The beautiful Osmania University campus, which is always in the news for all the wrong reasons, even today, just remained shell shocked and heart broken.. Every living being, residing in that campus, those days, wept inconsolably that day.

All the colleges and all the student hostels, in the widely spread Osmania campus, were indefinitely shut down.. All the ongoing exams too were indefinitely postponed.. Students were forcibly shunted out of the campus..

Police barricades were put up at each and every strategic point of the university..

Police did everything they could, that day, to restore peace in the campus.. Surprisingly so, they also did all that they could, that day, the same they should have done much before the murder of George Reddy.. PERIOD

They clamped indefinite curfew all over the Osmania University campus and also in all the major and minor areas of the 400 – year old Hyderabad city.. Life everywhere in the city had come to a standstill, that day.. Police have literally taken over each and every inch of space in Hyderabad.

Still unsure of the grave situation in his capital city, the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, P V Narasimha Rao, had placed an immediate order for marching of the para military troops into Hyderabad city.

And in no time the troops have entered.. Life to say the least had become gruesome for the Hyderabadis.. Fear was gripping the whole peace loving city, that day..

Except the special bulletins from the Radio sets, that were repeatedly reporting the murder of George Reddy, no other sound was audible from any corner of the city, that day.

People were even afraid to breath loudly..

All the schools, all the colleges, all the state and central government offices, all the shops and establishments too were asked to shut down immediately, until further notice.

People were warned not to enter the streets..

Heavy para military trucks have started going all around the city..

There was an uneasy silence in Hyderabad that day..

All the five elements of Nature too went into a shocking silence after witnessing the gruesome murder of their most favorite child, George Reddy.

However and however indeed, none of the above mentioned stringent measures nor the police warnings could prevent thousands of students and die hard followers of George Reddy, in Hyderabad city, from entering the curfew clamped streets that day.

They all just came out running with anger, with pain, with agony, with tears, with their broken hearts and also with their indefatigable love for their beloved leader, George Reddy – who had lighted the everlasting lamp of wisdom in their lives.. PERIOD

On That Eventful Day,

More than six thousand fully agitated students have audaciously walked through the streets of Hyderabad city, raising slogans like “George Reddy Amar Rahe” “Long Live George Reddy”..

They all marched in a procession, carrying on their shoulders the fully wounded dead body of George Reddy, towards the Narayan Guda cemetery, that is still there today, adjacent to the popular New Science College in Hyderabad.

The streets of Hyderabad, that day, were full of agitated students and weeping ladies.. The entire atmosphere in the historic city was volatile.. Unstoppable violence had suddenly broken down at many places.

Normal life in the city was completely paralyzed.. In a few minutes, the situation had gone completely out of the control of police and para military forces, guarding the city that day..

After about an hour, thousands of students, who were all going in a rally with the dead body of their leader, George Reddy, could not control their anger while passing through the “Keshava Nilayam” building, located in the Barkatpura area of Hyderabad.

This building, right from those days to until this day, is the nucleus of all the Sangh parivar activities in Hyderabad.

All those students, carrying George Reddy’s body in procession that day know well that the three front line activists of the RSS and Congress – Lakhan Singh, Surdas Reddy and Narayan Das – were the culprits who killed George Reddy.

So, they turned violent looking at that RSS office building on their way and have started pelting stones at it, raising slogans against those three goons..

Police swung into immediate action and have brought the entire situation under their control, within no time, and drove away the students from that building.

Later, the procession reached the Narayan Guda Cemetery where George Reddy’s last rites were quietly performed by his family members.

Pathetically so,

In just a few hours of time,

The intrepid voice of George Reddy- that had audaciously questioned every misdeed and every brutal act of injustice committed by those unscrupulous forces hanging around the Osmania University, those days – had gone forever silent.

The daring hands that would have rocked the whole world, today, were sadly confined to a coffin box, that day..

A bright lamp that would have burned eternally, showing light to all those groping in the darkness of ignorance, those days, was put off mercilessly by those powerful winds of a diabolic nature, that day.

All in all, the mortal remains of a great student leader called, George Reddy, who could have been the face of India today, were tragically laid to rest forever, that day..

And what remained with us today are George Reddy’s painful memories and his blurred photographs appearing shadily to our eyes in a monochrome tone.


Gloom And Sadness

Life was not easy for many of George Reddy’s friends as George, without any prior notice, had suddenly departed from their lives.. Many of his close friends just could not handle that trauma for a longtime.. In fact, many of them could not come to terms with life again, thereafter.

Here’s an emotional example from the life of a lady by name, Mala Mirchandani.. Mala was a member of George Reddy’s friends group, those days, in the Arts College of Osmania University, and was a big admirer of this great student leader..

She could not – still after forty four years of his death – accept the truth that George Reddy is not any more among us today.. Even today, at the age of sixty five, Mala Mirchandani, now more popularly known as the aristocratic Ms. Mala Pasha, frequently visits the Narayan Guda Cemetery and lights a few candles at George’s memorial.

Similar is the condition of many of George Reddy’s friends, today, wherever they are all living around the world.. This is the impact George still has on the minds of all those who had closely moved with him during his brief academic stint at the Osmania University.

Here’s One Important Incident

That tells you about the influence of George Reddy on the lives of his friends..

One day, several years after George Reddy had departed from this world, Cyril Reddy – George Reddy’s younger brother – was passing through a busy street in Hyderabad.. He suddenly saw George Reddy’s close friend, Dr.Marri Vijay Arjun Patel, standing in a city bus stop and waiting for a bus.

Since it is always a pleasure for anyone to greet good old friends, more so someone who’s close to a deceased family member, Cyril Reddy too was excited that day and stopped his car and went running to that bus stop, to greet Dr.Vijay.

After some initial discussions, Cyril asked Dr. Vijay, “Annaa.. As I heard from many of our old friends, you are a reputed doctor.. So you must be earning well.. Then how is that you are standing, with so many ordinary people in a bus stop, and waiting for a bus.. ??.. Don’t you have a car..??.. “.

Bringing tears to Cyril’s eyes, this was what the illustrious Dr. Vijay Arjun Patel had told Cyril Reddy,

“Cyril.. Am a close friend of George.. Even today, after so many years of his death, the powerful impact George had imprinted on my mind and my life is indelible.. While I was a student at the Osmania Medical College, I gave George a word that I would forever lead a Doctor’s life full of simplicity, far away from corruption.

I will have to keep up that word, Cyril, as long as am alive.. Not because it’s a word that I have given to the most influential person of my life but because it’s a word that I have given to the greatest human being I would never be meeting again in ten more lives to come.

My father has a car and my children will buy a car in future when they can afford one.. Therefore, there’s no need for me, Cyril, to change my life nor my outlook towards life..”.. PERIOD

Later, as fate would have it, Dr.Vijay Arjun Patel, left this world and went in search of his beloved friend, George Reddy, to that undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveler had ever returned.

May the young, brave and the noble departed soul of George Reddy – the Great – Rest In Peace.. AMEN

But Why In The First Case Was George Reddy Killed..???

George Reddy
The Ever Smiling George Reddy While Studying At The Nizam College, Hyderabad


If alive today.. George Reddy wouldn’t have allowed any one of those anti social elements, who played with the lives of a number of students of Osmania University, in those days, to live and see this day in their lives.

If alive today.. George Reddy would have been a strong 68 – year old man and would have been the most brilliant among all the brilliant most scientists of India and also the greatest among all the greatest Indian leaders.

If alive today.. George Reddy, for sure, would have been one more Nobel Laureate from India..

If alive today.. George Reddy would have made India a super power and a corruption free nation.

If alive today.. George Reddy would have eliminated all the vandals and hooligans from this country and wouldn’t have allowed Pakistan come this threateningly close to India.

If alive today.. George Reddy wouldn’t have allowed the Jihadi and other Islamic terrorist groups enter India.

If alive today.. George Reddy would have provided enough protection to all the women and children of India and would have made them walk free at at any time of the day or night anywhere in India.

If alive today.. George Reddy would have had more followers than what Narendra Modi has.

If alive today.. George Reddy wouldn’t have allowed exploitation in the name of caste, creed, religion and sects.

If alive today.. George Reddy would have had many more accomplishments to his credit than all those I have mentioned above..

Fortunately for them and unfortunately for George Reddy, the forces that killed George have foreseen all the above mentioned achievements of George Reddy, many decades in advance and therefore have eliminated him that day.

Most importantly, they also have seen George as a potential threat to their supremacy in campus, those days; to their existence in the society, in their morrow; and to their dreams and aspirations, in their future.

So, they didn’t want to take any chances with the great future they have been dreaming about for years.. Therefore, they discussed their strategies with a few elders in the society  who were supporting them for various reasons, those days.

The elders quietly nodded their heads and cleared the entire ground and kept it ready for their boys to play their game of death with George Reddy.. Everyone, from the centre to the periphery, was either purchased or threatened by those elders.

Finally, the game of death was played to a full house on that day and George Reddy, whom the whole world would have known and appreciated today, was defeated in that unlawfully played game of death, on the evening of 14th April 1972, which was coincidentally the birthday of another great leader of masses, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.. PAUSE

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