The cute looking 19-year old boy Srikar Reddy is the only hope for his poor mother..But unfortunately this poor boy is now lying in a coma condition, for the last twenty days,in a major corporate hospital in Hyderabad..

It doesn’t appear easy now for the young boy Srikar Reddy to regain his normalcy quickly,however,doctors are doing their best to give him back his precious life..

What’s more tragic here for the poor boy is that he’s not only struggling for his life on the hospital bed today but is also struggling for the finances that can help him afford all that expensive treatment that’s required to win his battle against death..

Dear friends,you may also help the young Srikar Reddy in his battle for his life..

But Who’s Srikar Reddy And What Happened To Him..?? 

Srikar Reddy is a student pursuing his second year mechanical engineering in a private engineering college in Hyderabad..Unfortunately Srikar lost his father in a tragic road accident about ten years ago..

After that tragedy,Srikar Reddy’s mother,Sridevi Reddy,struggled much in her life to provide decent education to her son Srikar Reddy and his other younger sister whose name is not known.

While Sridevi Reddy is working as a teacher in an NGO school in a village in the Khammam district of Andhra Pradesh,Srikar Reddy is staying,along with his only sister,in a rented room in Hyderabad..

On the morning of 10th of January,2014

Srikar Reddy,along with his another classmate,was going to his college on his classmate’s bike..When the friends were just a few yards away from their college campus,their bike was hit hard by a speeding three wheeler auto rickshaw that came zooming from a blind by lane..

While his classmate,who was riding the bike,fell on the road,Srikar Reddy went up in the air and landed right on the cement footpath.. Although,his classmate sustained only minor injuries,Srikar Reddy has received more serious injuries..

He was immediately picked up by his friends and was rushed to the famous Apollo Hospitals in Hyderabad..

Initially,the doctors who examined Srikar Reddy,found only a fracture in his right leg but on further investigations were shocked to notice a nasty rupture of the whole nervous system in his head..

Boy In Coma

Although Srikar Reddy was conscious at the time of his admission into the hospital,he,however,lost his consciousness after some more time and slipped into coma ..

Since that day,Srikar Reddy is kept in the expensive surgical ICU ward of the Apollo Hospitals and is now being constantly monitored by the medical experts..The charges for the ICU ward alone are rupees sixty thousand per day with a lot more other facilities to be paid for..

Srikar Reddy’s poor mother,Sridevi Reddy is in an inconsolable condition since the day of accident and is still in a state of great shock today..She’s just a small teacher and is now rendered completely helpless..

While Srikar Redy’s friends are struggling hard to generate all the money needed to meet the medical expenses of their dear friend ; his college staff has donated a day’s salary to save their beloved student’s life..

The overall expenses have already crossed seven and half lakh rupees till date and according to medical experts,a lot more money is still needed to bring Srikar Reddy back from that tragic coma condition..

Leading Telugu language newspaper,Eenadu,has carried out a news column in the 29th of January,2014 reporting Srikar Reddy’s condition to the world..

It has also placed a request,in the news column,requesting all the generous donors to come forward and help the poor young boy,Srikar Reddy,win his fierce battle against death..If you wish to help the young boy you may do so through the following two payment methods..

A). You may draw a Demand Draft in favor of Vangara Sridevi Reddy and post it to the following address of Eenadu newspaper..

HYDERABAD – 500082.
Ext: 6624/6430.

B). You may also directly credit your donation to the following account..

A/C NO: 62235088692
IFSC: SBHY0020139

The above information was provided by Eenadu after I have sent them a mail to That was the mail id Eenadu has mentioned in their news column..

My Humble Appeal

Most of the families living in this world may have one such cute teenage boy like Srikar Reddy lighting up their house today..We also know how uneasy the whole house would be if that boy goes through even slightest pain..

Similarly,we can now feel the pain the poor lonely mother of Srikar Reddy is going through today ..Any help from you is invaluable for Srikar Reddy’s life hence I need not remind you that every little drop of rain plays a vital role in filling up the ocean..