Although,all the time,all of us  have been hearing about many inhuman activities taking place in each and every little corner of our vast world, there always was some hope in some remote corner of my mind that there is still some sort of humanity alive in some of us somewhere in some part of this human world.. However,after going through a very small news column in a Telugu news paper a few days ago,all that hope has completely vanished and later for a very longer period of time in the day,I was left stranded in complete disarray,despair and dejection..

“But God,what’s happening to this world and where are we heading..Does humanity exist in this world or is it only a mirage that keeps eluding us all the time..How do You expect us to live normally in this bloody dog eating dog Gothic world where dirty bastards trade on the flesh of minor girls and rascals and rogues do anything to suck away innocent people’s hard earned money.. ”

“God,what happened to that world where there were eyes that used to shed tears for others,where there were hands that used to serve humanity and where there were feet that used to walk miles for a noble cause..”

“God,what happened to that world where every aspect of human life was so simple and where there were only people cordial in their words, noble in their deeds and holy in their character..”


This was the traumatic stream of consciousness that kept me alive and captive for several hours on that day of 18th October,2012,when I have accidentally stumbled upon a very small news column that appeared in India’s most popular Telugu news paper “Eenaadu”..

It was a sad news about a half naked old man who,with a bleeding head,was sitting in fleeting cold on a road in the city of Hyderabad,offering prayers to the “Invisible” to grant him death..

But Who’s This Old Man And What’s His Story

The name of this sick,hapless looking septuagenarian old man you are seeing in this photograph is Pandu from the city of Hyderabad,India.. He was disowned by his own sons and was discarded on the roads by them as this old man is not any more the same income generator he once used to be.. Making life more miserable for him,the old man’s health condition too started deteriorating day by day demanding more personal attention from his other family members..

But which son in this world has time for such an ailing father who’s just lying rotten in a remote corner of his house..Similarly,the old man’s sons too thought “there’s no point in keeping a rusted useless utensil in the house” and finally on one bad night have forcibly lifted the old man from their house and mercilessly left him on the road next to the Legislative Assembly of Hyderabad..

Thank God they didn’t throw him into the nearby Tank Bund waters..

People in the concrete jungle hardly have any time for such useless things,so no one noticed the poor old man and the life moved away silently..

Using the nearby city bus stop for shelter,the poor old man too started begging for his survival on the busy streets of Hyderabad..

Unfortunately,one night,things went from bad to worse for the old man..

On that horrible  night of 16th,October,2012,a mindless barbaric bastard banged the head of the old man against a rod in the bus stop just to snatch away a mere thirty Indian rupees the poor old man was having under his possession that time..And if earning is the right word to use here,that was all the money the old man earned by begging in the streets of Hyderabad that day..

Damned..How harsh can life be some times..How can someone break the head of a hapless poor old man just for a mere thirty rupees which is much less than two thirds of one American dollar.. However,there’s no one there to question this atrocity against the poor old man..And like many other dark crimes that go unnoticed this heinous crime too,by and large,went unnoticed..

With his bleeding head,with his non cooperative old age and with his dying hunger crippling his movements,the shocked poor old man was desperately waiting in that bus stop for  “a little humanity” to come forward and offer him some relief from his physical pain and mental agony…

In a way he was offering his prayers to the Invisible to give him relief from this sin filled treacherous world by granting him immediate death..

What a painful condition for anyone to live with..


Humanity O’ Humanity Where Have You Been..???

I started questioning myself..




I was..

Not aware..


Unable to live in such a barbaric world…

Where exploitation is a fundamental right,

Where people with emotions are called stupids,

Where rich become richer and poor the poorest,

Where everything,except mother’s love,is polluted,

Where there’s no love lost between family members,

Where cynical are personalities and cynical are their minds,

Where one can smile and smile and smile and still be a villain,

Where tender children are kidnapped and held captive for a ransom,

Where out of every two persons you come across,one and half are idiots,

Where happiness is a distinct memory and loneliness the most dreaded disease,

Where the child in every adult is disappearing and where a poignant silence is replacing the smiling face..

Where unconditional love and universal brotherhood are two meaningless terms found only in Wikipedia,

Where human life is valued in terms of money and human relations are traded in a barter system,

Where every word uttered is misunderstood and where every opportunity is utilized to find fault with others,

Where all elders are losing respect and where older parents are treated like dogs and door mats,

Where women are viewed as objects of sex and where innocent girls are used as toys in the flesh trade,

Where friends in the name of friendship are giving more pain than pleasure and doing more harm than good,

Where marriages have become an unwritten memorandum of understanding between two hypocrites and where it’s not love but silence that is ruling the marital relationships,

Where one kills the other for petty gains and where young  innocent wives are tortured and burnt alive,

Where some fanatic bastards,in the name of religion,shoot the sweet fourteen year old Pakistani girl Malala Yousufzai in her head for fighting for her “right to education”,

Humanity committed suicide..



>Through my sources in the media,I have tried to trace the old man by conducting a search in and around the Legislative Assembly area of Hyderabad .. But unfortunately the poor old man was not there to be found.. There was also no further news about him anywhere in the media again..

>Am still hopeful and shall be very happy to find the poor old man again..Will be happier to offer him some assistance…And will be the happiest to hear “he’s dead”.

>God,the old man might have sinned in his days of glory..But please forgive him and grant him relief from all the agony and pain he has so far gone through in his life..If that’s not possible at least take him away by granting him immediate death…Otherwise,it’s unfair to leave him alone in such a hapless condition among so many ruthless wolves of this barbaric society..They may consume his flesh every day..

>My dear God,this is an honest prayer from one of your most neglected children of this inhuman world and I hope like many of my earlier unanswered prayers this prayer too shall not remain unanswered..


Human life’s nothing but a short journey from the womb to the tomb,however, the journey is always alone by the traveler…Yekkadi sutul,yekkadi satul, yekkadi hithul,bandhuvulun yevvarunu thodu raaru kada varaku..Mayamai poyenamma manishanna vaadu..


Narrenaditya Komaragiri

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