For over an year now this movie has been the most talked about movie of the Telugu film industry..

In a first of it’s kind deal,ever made in the South Indian film industry,Sunil Lulla of Bollywood’s leading distribution network,Eros International,has acquired the world distribution rights of this movie Nenokkadine by paying a whopping sum of rupees hundred crores to the producers..

Amid great pomp and gaiety Nenokkadine was released all over the world on the 10th of January, 2014..With about six fully sold out shows per day, every Audi,in each and every multiplex in Andhra Pradesh,is expected to run this movie for an entire week..

But Did The Movie Deliver What It Is Expected To Deliver

Throughout the film,the hero – who’s on the lookout for the killers of his parents – is made to believe,by almost every other character in the film, that he’s in a state of delusion and everything that’s appearing before him is an optical illusion..

In a scene of extreme stupidity a clown like Psychiatrist is shown making a complete mockery of hero’s psychological condition..Is any Psychiatrist, anywhere in the world,expected to behave that way..??..Of course the hero,because he’s a hero,slaps the Psychiatrist in the end and walks out..

In an effort to prove the hero is living in a world of weird imagination,we, the poor audiences,are often forced to pass through several visual and aural ordeals..This sickening process made everyone in the Audi sick and I have seen some of them even walking out of the Audi,midway through the film.. PERIOD

Kriti Sanon During The Shooting Of Nenokkadine

Although new girl Kriti Sanon looks beautiful and did much justice to her role in the movie,the movie by itself falls flat on all aspects of film making  ..

Throughout Nenokkadine all that heroine Kriti Sannon did was to confuse the hero by saying “you are living in an unrealistic world of dreams”..More often than not it were the audiences who were successfully more confused by the heroine than the hero..

“Nenokkadine” is definitely inspired by many Hollywood movies but the famous movies that immediately struck my mind were Nicholas Cage’s “NEXT” and Leonardo DiCaprio’s “INCEPTION”..

The photography by a well qualified Ratna Velu was brilliant but with an unrealistic story, unconvincing narration, unimpressive characterization, pathetic screenplay, sick pace and unimaginable length, Ratna Velu’s marvelous job goes unnoticed..

Except for a couple of – never seen before on the Indian screen – action sequences,Telugu super star Mahesh Babu’s ” NENOKKADINE ” is an invasion on the innocence of his die hard fans and is an assault on every viewer’s intelligence.. PERIOD

To show the Hero as an orphan in the movie,Director Sukumar had quite surprisingly copied this famous image from the web and showed the hero sleeping in a similar way in an orphanage.. FUNNY..



A lot of money has been spent in making Nenokkadine and a lot of efforts have been put in giving the movie that luxurious look..However,what use are such efforts if the movie doesn’t have a strong and convincing script..

Finally,if you are serious about sending someone packing to a mental asylum buy them the tickets of Nenokkadine..It will take care of the rest of procedure..




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