A Pregnant Lady

On 22nd August,2013,a thirty two year old pregnant lady,Beena,walked along with two more men into a renowned maternity hospital in the Bengaluru city of India…

The gynecologists there,after conducting all the necessary examinations on the pregnant lady,have finally declared that everything is fine with the growth of fetus in her body..

And it was at that point of time..

The pregnant lady shocked all the gynecologists there,when she asked them ,”..Will you please help me understand who among these two men in my life is the actual father of the child growing in me..??..”..

Since no gynecologist in this world is trained to face such an embarrassing question,all the gynecologists there remained speechless,for a moment,with weird expressions on their faces..

However,the senior most gynecologist among them could muster some courage and asked the lady what the matter is..

And this is what the pregnant lady has said in her reply…

“..Am Beena from Delhi currently working as a software engineer in a global firm located in the Electronic city of Bengaluru..Am married to Prateik in 2003 but could not conceive despite eight years of my married life with him..I have then applied for a divorce,a couple of years ago,and the honorable court too was considerate enough to grant me divorce in a quick course of time..”

“..After the divorce,I have fallen in love with Roshan,a senior colleague of mine in my office and ever since was having a steady and sustained relationship with him..”

“..Although I have been granted divorce by the court,am still courting relationship with my ex husband and living along with him in the same flat where we used to live earlier prior to our divorce…”

“..Now that am pregnant am really eager to know who among these two men in my life is responsible for the pregnancy and who would be the biological father of my child..Based on your DNA reports,Doctor,me and my child will lead the rest of our life with that man…Please help me and my child”..

Although the gynecologists kept looking at each other for a long time – after the lady in front of them completed her weird story – they finally came out of the shock and collected the blood samples of the two men and the lady and have sent them to their lab for DNA tests..

Please click here to view the original news about this story that appeared in the Telugu language news paper SAAKSHI on the 24th of August,2013..

But the twist in this whole story is – irrespective of whoever is finally declared father of the child by the DNA tests,the two men in Beena’s life are eager to spend the rest of their life with Beena alone..But what is so special about this lady called BEENA..??

CONCLUSION : After a week,the Bengaluru Maternity hospital authorities have released,to the press,the results of the DNA tests conducted on the pregnant lady and her two wise men ..

But the results,unfortunately for the husband,confirm that the pregnant lady’s second love -her colleague – is the Father of the unborn child…The lady has now decided to lead the rest of her life with her colleague and disown her husband..

May God bless the poor husband..

Please click here to read the news carrying the reports of the DNA tests conducted on the pregnant lady and her two men





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