A True Mother

Since the beginning of His creation,volumes have been written and millions of phrases have been told about Mother and her love for her childrenBut none of us must have heard or read bout such a great Mother who truly deserves the salutations of the entire human world today..

This is the true story of one such great Mother who hails from a very lesser known place that lies in the Southern part of India…On this great mother’s request even the law enforcement authorities have allowed the criminals go unpunished.

With her act of great nobility,this phenomenal personification of Motherhood proved to the whole of the inhuman human world that a Mother loves her children even though they are the most undeserving to be loved.

I read about this painful incident,a couple of years ago in a national daily,and felt a sort of an uneasiness in my heart for most part of the later half of the day.

My uneasiness wasn’t,however,caused by reading about the pain inflicted upon this great Mother by her own useless sons but was in fact caused by the amazing magnanimity this Mother of great nobility has displayed during the most devastating times of her prolonged life.

The police,the journalists,the lady constables and all the other petty criminals that were there in the police station,on that dark rainy morning,have shed tears with what this noble Mother has finally said in her statement.

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This ugly gruesome incident took place in a coastal village near the Coiambattore district of Tamilnadu,India.

With a history that dates back to pre historic times,Tamilnadu is home to many natural resources,Hindu temples of Dravidian Architecture,hill stations,beach resorts,multi-religious pilgrimage sites and eight UNESCO world heritage sites.

Known for their rich culture,tradition and upholding human values,the people of Tamilnadu are well learned,well mannered and well behaved class of the Indian society.

A 7th century old shore temple at Mamallapuram,Tamilnadu

The people of Tamilnadu are known for their hospitality and also for their tradition in entertaining guests…Learning Carnatic classical music is a house hold tradition in Tamilnadu and the people here also take great pride in telling the whole world about their passion for classical music…

With an amazing coast line of about 910 kilometers,Tamilnadu is the third largest coast line in India,depending mainly on monsoons today…Although drought is not an uncommon feature here,this Southern state of India still experiences heavy to very heavy rainfall often.

It was during one such day of a heavy rain fall,when the whole of that small coastal village near Coiambattore was sleeping,this ugly incident occurred…

It was around 5 a.m in the month of August..

It was raining cats and dogs,for the past seventy two hours, in that sleepy village

There was a pitch darkness all around the village,at that time,with visibility confined only to a couple of meters distance.There was also hardly any light in that village there as the power supply to that village was disrupted long ago due to heavy rains..

As mentioned in Jonathan Swift’s “Description Of A City Shower”,the whole scenario there in that village,at that point of time,was very grave..

“Drowned puppies,stinking sprats,all drenched in mud..Dead cats and turnip-tops come tumbling down the flood.”

And in that sort of a grave scenario…

A police Jeep,carrying four Police constables and a Sub Inspector Of Police, was passing through the outskirts of that village..

The Jeep was returning back to the police station after patrolling all the night through the neighboring villages..

In the out skirts of that village there were quite a few green Paddy fields all around.The Police Jeep,with a great difficulty,was sailing through a small narrow road that was passing through those Paddy fields…

After crossing those Paddy fields the Jeep,at that point of time,was passing through a dump yard that was just beside those Paddy fields…

The Sub Inspector suddenly asked his driver to stop the Jeep and switch off the engineNow there’s no other sound there except the sound of a very heavy rain..

The sharp sub inspector,while passing through that dump yard area,heard some uneasy sound coming from the nearby dump yard hence instructed his driver to stop the Jeep..

He wants to know what that uneasy sound was and where’s it coming from..


With no other sound around,the sound from the dump yard is now more clear ..

All the policemen paid a close attention to that sound coming from that dirty dump yard.

After a few more seconds of close observation they could finally identify that the sound was actually a very pain filled human voice…

After a few more seconds of silent observation they found that it was a female voice…

Again after a few more seconds of observation they found that there’s actually a lot of moaning in that female voice…

And again after a few more seconds of more silent concentration they could finally identify an agonizing and heart wrenching pain in that weeping female voice..


Without waiting for any instructions from anyone,all the policemen almost together jumped out of the Jeep and rushed into the dump yard…

There’s heavy rain and a heavier noise there at that time but the Police men cared a damn about it.

After reaching the dump yard they were shocked to find an eighty year old sickly Mother,with heavy bleeding in her forehead,lying there in the midst of heavy dirt and garbage there in that dump yard.

The Mother was shivering with chills and was moaning with excruciating pain, trying to say something or calling someone in her chaste Tamil language…

With her wafer thin cotton saree torn apart,half of her body was covered  with rain water,mud and garbage wastage…

A stray dog,in all anticipation,was watching her closely from a very short distance..A young constable,who was in deep shock with what he’s watching, kicked that dog out of the dump yard..

There’s a very heavy bleeding on the Mother’s forehead caused by the impact of her head hitting some hard rock there…

It was actually due to that agonizingly excruciating pain in her forehead,the sickly Mother was weeping and moaning in pain.

The policemen rushed to her immediately.

A policeman ran back  and brought an Umbrella from their Jeep…

He immediately opened it and stood behind her…

Although weeping and moaning the Mother was still in a semi conscious state at that time.

Without wasting any further time the policemen shifted her into their jeep..The Sub Inspector ordered his driver to immediately rush the Jeep to their police  station.

Later,from his mobile,he called his police station and asked a lady constable to keep a fresh saree,towel and hot tea ready for the old lady…

He later called the local primary health center and asked the duty doctor there to rush out immediately and report at the police station,along with his staff and other emergency medical kit.

Later the Jeep hurriedly reached the police station..

All the constables,with all the care in the world,shifted the wounded Mother slowly into the police station..

While all the policemen and other male staff waited outside,a couple of lady constables cleaned the sickly Mother with a towel and later changed her saree…

In the mean time the doctor too came rushing to the police station…He along with his other assistants cleaned the Mother’s wound first and later gave her all the necessary medication..

Washing his hands with soap water,the Doctor then told a much worried looking Sub Inspector

“She’s suffering from very high fever now…I have given her anti histamine tablets ..They will take care of it…Her head injury is only an external one…In case of any infection there,that will be cured with the antibiotic injections we have given her…She’s in a great shock…I have given a mild sedative for that.. All she needs now is a little rest and should be alright by evening..”

Quotes About-Mother

After some breath taking moments,The Mother could regain her complete consciousness after a few hours..

All the police station staff made her comfortable and offered her some bread and hot tea..Although  still suffering from mild fever the Mother could regain some normalcy

Later surprising everyone,the first thing the Mother did was to smile at everyone around her and offer them her sincere thanks with a traditional Indian NAMASTE.

After an hour,after giving due instructions to his police station staff,the sub inspector asked the Mother to take rest and left for his home.

In the mean time the news about “an old Mother found in a dump yard”spread like a wild fire in and around the neighboring villages and scores of people started coming to the police station to see her.

Armed with all their broadcast equipment,it took no time for the news channel reporters and other newspaper journalists to reach the police station.

By 10 A.M in the morning..

The whole of that small village police station was full with visitors,onlookers and media professionals…Everyone was eager to hear the sad story behind that old Mother.

After carefully bringing her into the open space in front of the police station, the Sub Inspector asked her..”My dear Mother,who are you..why are you lying there in that dump yard..What happened..We are all eager to know that.. Without worrying about any one please share everything with us..we are all here to help you..”

Before proceeding to know about what The Mother said in her reply

It is important to know about a few ugly incidents that took place in The Mother’s life a few hours prior to her appearance in the dump yard..

The Mother is from a neighboring village,twenty two kilometers away from that police station..She has two useless and good for nothing sons with whom she is staying in her ancestral house..The sons do nothing much to make a living and were experts in exhausting their inherited property and money..The Mother lost her husband a few years ago and ever since became a servant in her own house.

Both the Mother’s daughters-in-law are beasts in human form and are known for their notorious behavior…While their husbands went about sucking their Mother’s wealth,the daughters-in-law on the other hand,like Vultures,went about sucking their Mother-in-law’s blood..

Asian Vulture

The Mother’s health condition,with too much of work,stress and above all ill treatment in her own house,started deteriorating gradually and went from bad to worse with every passing day.

After some more days of suffering,in the hands of her own children,the Mother became completely bed ridden and invalid for life…Her worthless sons have already snatched away whatever little is left with their Mother..And now paying for her medical bills appeared a waste of money for them…Their  Mother became a useless utensil for them in that house and they wanted to get rid off her at any cost.

And finally..

At around 11 p.m on that eventful night of heavy raining..

The Mother was suffering from high fever and terrible body aches..She was hardly offered anything,the whole day,by her daughters-in-law…The Mother requested her sons to call for a doctor and offer her some relief..

“Are you blind..it’s raining so heavily outside..which doctor will come now..I have given you a tablet..just shut up and try to sleep..” barked one dirty son.

The rains didn’t stop..The Mother’s pains didn’t stop…And her moaning didn’t stop..

More than the sons it were their wives who were finding the Mother a big nuisance in the house..They are not able to sleep properly,that night,due to her loud moaning.. They thought it is high time for them to throw her out..It did not take much time for them to poison their husbands’ minds…

As a result,while the younger son readied a bullock cart,his wife readied a little dry grass..They waited for some more time to make sure the whole village slept..The eldest daughter-in-law suggested “..the Mother should be taken to the most distant place from their village so that no one can recognize her..”

After a couple of hours.. At around 1.30 A.M during that dark mid night..

Both the brothers forcibly lifted their Mother and started walking out..First,the Mother did not understand what her beloved sons are doing to her..

However,her daughter in law cleared her doubt..”how long can we bear with you..who will pay for your medical bills..what do we have to spend and what did you give us except this old house..It is impossible to have you with us any more..”..The Mother may be meek but not unwise not to to understand what her barbaric sons were going to do with her…She pleaded with them…Begged for  a little mercy..A little space at least in the cattle shed..

Paying no attention,the dirty sons with all the cruelty in the world carried their Mother outside the house and put her mercilessly on the bullock cart..Their wives hurriedly covered her body with dry grass..

Noticing the cruel act helplessly,the poor bullocks with their eyes filled with all the pity in the world,turned their heads back and looked at The Mother in utter helplessness..


Carrying the hapless Mother battling for her life,the dumb Bullocks and the life less bullock cart moved slowly and painfully towards an unknown destination..

It was still raining very heavily outside..

Since it was pretty dark no one in the village could notice the heinous crime as the bullock cart slowly passed through the vacant streets of that tiny village..

Though covered with dry grass the poor Mother was still drenching in rain..

With fear,with fright,with agony,with pain,with ill health and with tears the Mother was trembling and shivering all the way pleading for some mercy from her sons..

The weather was inclement and so were her sons..

After some more time,the hapless Mother,with no more energy to plead has gradually lost her consciousness..

The bullock cart traveled and traveled in that heavy rain and finally halted at about 4.30 a.m after reaching a lonely dump yard that’s about twenty two kilometers away from the main village..The two sons got down from the bullock cart and went behind it..

While one son got up the cart and lifted his Mother on her head side,another son held her by her legs..They slowly dragged her down the cart..

Their original idea was to take her inside the dump yard and leave her there.. But as they were about to carry her inside the dump yard,they saw a stranger coming in their direction..They have realized the stranger has come very close to them..They are frightened..

A Dark Night

Without any hesitation and without an iota of mercy they did something no sons in this world would do to their mother…As the Nature was watching with shock and as the hapless bullocks were watching with fright,the cruelly sin filled sons lifted their Mother and have thrown her,like a guinea bag filled with wastage,into the dump yard and hurriedly got back on to the cart and vanished from that place in seconds..

The impact of the throw was so severe,The live body of Mother,went and fell on a lump of garbage ten feet away from the road..While the major part of the body fell on soft garbage,the head unfortunately had hit a small rock..Though unconscious The Mother still screamed in terrible pain which unfortunately could not catch the attention of the stranger who by then was still forty to fifty feet away from the dump yard..

The hapless Mother remained lying there in agony for about thirty minutes..Her head was bleeding…The physical pain and mental trauma were unbearable for her..She continued to scream,though in a weak voice,for some help which finally could draw the attention of the police men in the police jeep…

And Now..Let us know what The Mother said in her reply to the Sub Inspector’s Question..

There was absolute silence there in the police station..The rain was not heavy but there was a mild drizzle at that time..Everyone there was waiting with bated breath..

Without hiding anything The Mother told about everything that took place in her life in the last few hours..

Everyone listened to her in stunned silence..A shocked media was recording The Mother’s narration..

After The Mother completed her narration the much agitated young Sub Inspector of Police told her..”Mother..I will identify and produce your sons before you in just an hour..I promise you that I will teach them such a lesson, they will never dare to a say a word against you in your life time..Leave it to me and relax My dear Mother..”

Till that time there was only pain in The Mother’s eyes but not tears…But after listening to what the Sub Inspector said about punishing her sons,with her whole body trembling with fear,she broke down into terribly uncontrollable tears..The poor Mother could not digest the idea of her sons getting punished for whatever reason..

All the police men,all the visitors,onlookers,journalists,media personnel, medical staff and even those petty criminals inside the lock up just stood in rock silence in awe of that glorious Mother and for her love for her worthless sons…

Finally,weeping loudly The Noble Mother pleaded with everyone with folded hands..

“..No..no..no..please don’t punish my sons..They love me a lot..I don’t find any fault with them..They must have a strong reason to throw me in a dump yard..In fact there must be many genuine reasons..They are poor and I as an old lady with so many health problems is a burden on their shoe string budget..How can they feed me and pay for my medical bills..What will they eat if they spend all their hard earned money on my medicines.”

“If not today,I will any how die after a few days..So what is wrong if they throw me out a few days in advance..Instead of sending me to a grave yard they have left me in a dump yard..What is their mistake in that..Please dont blame my sons and please dont punish them..I beg you all for that..They are my beloved sons and wherever they are they should live happily with their children..May God bless their….”

The wailing Mother didn’t want to end her plea there but her life came to a sudden end as the trauma,agony,pain and lastly the internal bleeding inside her head consumed her life..



>There is no one in that place that remained unmoved and no eye that didn’t shed tears with The Great Mother’s true story ..

>Since it was her death wish,the police did not try to find out the sons of the great Mother..

>The sub inspector,as part of his duty,reported the matter to his higher authorities but everyone kept quite on humanitarian grounds as a mark of tribute to the glorious Mother..


“Drowned puppies,stinking sprats,all drenched in mud..Dead cats,turnip-tops and a great noble Mother come tumbling down the flood.”