I read this true sad story of a courageous woman almost a decade ago.. It was just a five line news item that appeared in a local news paper, in my city of Hyderabad, India, in the year 1999.. However, it still keeps haunting me even today.

Now I very strongly feel that the whole world should stand up and take notice of this great tragedy and offer their salutations to the courageous woman involved in it.

I tried to visualize the whole tragic drama, with my creative eye, and penned it down properly, in a narrative form, for the convenience of the reading world.. This story for sure would be more tragic than the saddest story you have ever read in your life.

Please go through..

This tragic incident occurred in the August month of 1999, in an average coastal town of Orissa, India.. It was a town with around ten thousand population, those days.. It was raining cats and dogs there for almost a week..

Life to say the least, was paralyzed.. The communication links with the outside world were cut off long ago.

And on that eventful day.. It was around 5 AM in the morning.. Almost all the people of the town suddenly woke up as they found pools of water flowing all around them, with a terrifying noise..

Before they could even realize what was happening in their life, the levels of water around them started rising at a drastic speed.. They have realized that there’s no escape route for them, as the heavily gushing water was hampering their movements

Still they could manage to run out of their houses but pathetically found themselves stranded in more and more of flood water..The water at that time was up to their waist level and was gradually rising..

The shocked many tried to reach that handful of high rise buildings in the town only to find them already overflowing with people.. While the lucky ones could barge in; those unlucky were shunted out.

And it was still very heavily raining at that time..

Heavy Rain

With the passing of time; rains didn’t stop; the rising of water levels didn’t stop; and the plight of the people there too didn’t stop.. All the streets were full with people and full with water all around..

Some people were trying their best to come out of the water but the level was constantly rising and was making their life furthermore miserable..There was absolutely no escape route whatsoever for them except a frightening flood water all around them..

And by then almost all of them have silently, sadly and unfortunately have realized that they are slowly heading towards a country from whose Bourne no traveler had ever returned.. However, there were still some among them who were constantly crying for help ..

While a few among them were weeping out of fear; a few were down low spirited; a few were going hysterical; and a few have already started dying a tragic death…

A helpless death..An unnoticed silent death…All the others remaining alive there at that moment somehow wanted to live…Just live. Do something.. But live.. However,

Helplessness….Dddaammmnnn helplessness was bogging them down..

Questions and questions were frustrating them.. Do..??What to do..???.. How to do..?? .. How..how…..??????????????

All that they were all praying at that moment was for life.. Just life.. Nothing.. Nothing else.. No riches, no money… No egos, no jealousy… No holier than thou attitudes.. No oneupmanship..

No false shows of prestige.. No clashes, no rivalry, no religion, no exploitation in the name of God. no superiority, no inferiority.. Nothing.. Nothing.. And nothing else.. But life and only life alone.. That’s all

But less do they know, that moment, that in the court of Nature there’s no room for appeal.. But still they were doing their best to survive.. Were praying for life.. Were praying for those helping hands..

Praying loudly, praying silently.. Praying and weeping.. Weeping and praying… Praying for their survival and weeping for their loved ones…They were praying and praying and praying..


Floods In A Village

Before they could even realize with what force death strikes when it strikes, it was all over in their lives.. All their dreams, all their plans, and all their aspirations were just washed away by a ruthless blow of a merciless death..

A sudden rush of water flowing from a nearby broken dam had struck them silently and wiped them away.. Ironically, it is the same water that is so essential for the survival of humanity on this planet had silently washed them away..

After that, there was absolute silence.. A silence filled silence.. A fear filled silence.. And A tear filled silence except the sound of free flowing water all around the place..That’s all..

And.. And.. From that dangerously flowing deadly waters.. And from among those already dead.. Rose a woman.. A poor young woman in her late twenties..She suddenly rose like a phoenix out of the ashes..

All that time she was just fighting.. Was waging a lonely battle.. She just didn’t want to remain silent and immobile by offering prayers to the invisible.. Therefore she wanted to do something and move and finally she moved..

Continued In The True Sad Story Of A Courageous Woman-Part Two

Narrenaditya Komaragiri