The True Sad Story Of A Courageous Woman-Part-One

She is a Telugu speaking lady from the Srikaulam district of Andhra Pradesh..She is undeterred by the fury of water around her..Unmoved by the dead bodies of those who till a moment ago were her friends and neighbors..Unfazed by the calamity that just served a deadly blow..And unmindful of what future has in store for her…She has complete faith in herself that she can move and she knows it very clearly that she has to move and move ahead out of that gory place….

Because she has a goal…She has a strong purpose to live..

So she moved and moved briskly from there..Mustering all the courage. Gathering all the strength..Leaving all the dead bodies behind..Leaving all the people and the town..

And swam and swam and swam..Swam across the flow of that fearfully flowing water,..Swam across every hurdle..Swam across every street and corner..

Pushing away all the dead bodies..Not only of her fellow human beings but also of their cattle..

She swam..Braving the storm..Braving the floods…Braving against the fury of nature and the fury of God..

And moved ahead…

Till she reached a lonely standing Palm tree..

It was a tall and a lonely Palm tree eagerly waiting to receive that brave lady..

After reaching the tree, she paused.. Looked at it once..

After making sure that the tree can give her enough protection..

She moved towards it and then slowly and confidently reached to the top of the tree and lay settled there..

Then…And…Then….She…Very fondly…Very gently…And very carefully..

Kissed her beloved four year old son..

Her goal..Her Life..The sole purpose of her existence..

For whom she braved all that ferocious storm and its fury…For whom she braved the nature and God…For whom she braved everything and did everything..

The boy was weeping all the way..Weeping with hunger, weeping with fear, weeping with pain..But she held him tightly in her protective arms and resorted to that courageous act only to save him..She lost her husband in a tragic accident a year ago. Now she is alone in this world with only that four year old boy on her side..She wants him to live forever. And she wants to live for him forever..That is all. No tall claims and no tall order of wish list..The boy is her mind and body,heart and soul forever.

After settling on the Palm tree she closed her eyes for a moment and wiped her sons face with her sari and then wiped her face that is filled not with water but with sweat.

She was then a more relaxed lady as she reached her first goal of safety..

Then what…???

She looked around.Then she looked at her son’s face….

Though not weeping, the boy was silent but was looking weak with hunger..

She kissed him again..

And again she looked around.This time with the hope of finding something for her son to eat..But to her utter disappointment she could only find water and water everywhere with not even a drop to drink..

Left with nothing else to do, she decided to relax for a moment and think about the further course of action..

As she so does there are question and questions clashing in her mind. She knows pretty well that her problems are far from over and that she still has a long way to go..

But her son is keeping her steady..

Of course she can weather any storm for him.

But how long…?????..

Another question..

Don’t know..Only God alone can answer..

She looked down…

Though not raining the water was steadily growing in level there..She knows that the Palm tree is too tall and she can be sure about the protection from the water level..

So, that way no worry..

She looked at the boy.. He is slowly closing his eyes and falling into sleep. He is too tired to sustain..

She carefully pulled him further close to her and held him tightly to her chest..

What a plight damned..???

God sometimes is so unkind..

HE turns HIS face away from us when we need HIM very badly..

Even the most sinful and the most cruel personality in this universe does not deserve a punishment of such severity..

So what is her mistake…???

Her whole body is  shivering with chill and every bone is aching with pain….

She knows that she has to bear with everything and wait till the water recedes..

No way..

She lost all the strength to swim and knows it pretty well that it will be a sheer act of stupidity to swim any further without any sight of land or a tree nearby..So she choose that tree. She was waiting..Waiting silently. Waiting with hope and waiting with despair…But she was waiting..Waiting for that help from those invisible hands.Those invisible hands that created this world. This universe. This nature..

This humanity,it’s birth and it’s death..

She was waiting..

That is all she could do..

She may not know the theory of Pre Determinism..May not have heard about the dualism in nature..May not have read about the Advaita and the Visishtadvaita schools of thought and philosophy..But for sure she knows one thing..

Her son and his well being. And her duties towards him. Everything else is unnecessary..

That is all..

She did all that she can do to save him and it is time for God to interfere and save them further..

But will HE or Wont HE..?????????????????????

As she was so waiting..

Seconds turned into minutes and minutes into hours with no sign of any relief around..The croaking of the frogs, the unsteady flow of water, the unbearable sound of heavily blowing wind around were terrorizing the whole atmosphere..

She was slowly losing her hope..

It was around 4 pm..

Continued In The True Sad Story Of A Courageous Woman-Part-Three