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FearA sort of a chill ran through her spine,shattering her whole mind and body..She was observing her son with anxiety..Observing him with fear..Observing that.. There is a gradual change taking place in the face of her son and in the looks of his eyes.. She was also observing that her son’s eyes were seeing something beyond the reach of human vision and comprehension.. She was also seeing that he was seeing something about the future.. His future..Their future..She could also very pathetically realize that the boy was seeing something about his salvation from this sinful world..

Something about his separation from his beloved mother.. Something inexplicable…Something metaphysical..

The boy wanted to convey all that,he was seeing,to his mother..He was trying to tell his beloved mother about what he was seeing…But there was something inexplicable again that was holding him back..

But what was blocking the boy..??

Is that his tender age that was preventing him from conveying his feelings and observations to his mother or is that the more powerful nature that was stopping him from opening his mouth..???..

But the boy was trying..Trying to tell his mother about the signals he is receiving from the cosmic forces..About the indication he is getting from the Gods in the heavens..From the angels of His service..

He was trying.. trying.. trying..

Unable to understand her son’s plight, the lady was still trying to cajole him.. The guard on the ladder was still trying to come down..The helicopter was still trying to take them out to a safe destination..

And that time it happened..And happened in a whisker..

Suddenly the speed with which the wind was blowing till that point of time got doubled..As a result,a few thick drops of rain lashed her face very forcefully.. For a split second she closed her eyes..

And in that split second and in an effort to hold the boy more firmly,the lady lost the grip of the boy for a moment..Just for a moment….

And in that one moment..It happened..And that too what should not have happened; happened..

Lord Of DeathWith his eyes filled with faith that his mother is there for him forever,the boy was still looking deep into her eyes.. The mother too was looking at him..So also the guard and his colleagues..And then,at that shocking moment,the poor mother could finally and finally understand the language of her son’s silence and tried her best to prevent the inevitable..However,that was too late..The boy,for whom she weathered all that storm..For whom she fought against the nature..For whom she did everything beyond her capacity..

That boy..Her beloved son…

More beloved than the most beloved..


Slowly slipped off her hands…

As he was slipping off her hands,the poor mother,like a fielder in a cricket ground juggling with the ball before dropping a catch,too juggled with her dear son for some time..

But failed…And failed miserably..


As she was helplessly watching..

The boy first got separated from her..

Later lost his balance..

And then went down falling…


And falling..

And in that process of falling,the boy’s body did a somersault with all the plight,agony and trauma in the world…

But during all that process..

He was still looking at his mother..Was looking deep into her eyes..Was looking and looking and still looking..

The shocked mother was helplessly helpless and hopelessly hopeless..

Looking at his mother with his eyes still wide open,the poor boy slowly turned his face away from her and bid her the final adieu…A painful adieu..A soulfully sad goodbye..A tearfully tear filled good bye..

And went down falling ..

And falling and falling..

Like a bird with its wings clipped off and like a bird hit by a bowman..

And finally touched the dangerously flowing flood waters underneath and vanished out of her sight,in seconds..

She was just watching..That’s all she could do..

So does the coast guard on the ladder and also his colleagues..


EndOver..All over..All the battle and the fury is over..All the courage and the bravery is over..And all the cry and tears  are over in one by millionth of a second,shaking her beyond comprehension and rattling her beyond recovery..That is all..She went into a terrible state of shock to say the least.. Million thoughts struck her mind at once..And one thought struck her mind a million times..Billion times..Trillion times and zillion times…

“…orey nannaaa..nenu choosey prapancham lo nuvve naa sooreeduvi raa..”

“…orey nannaaa..nenu choosey prapancham lo nuvve naa sooreeduvi raa..”

“…orey nannaaa..nenu choosey prapancham lo nuvve naa sooreeduvi raa..”

“…orey nannaaa..nenu choosey prapancham lo nuvve naa sooreeduvi raa..”

(Son..My dear are the light of my world)

The helicopter was moving slowly..

As tears flowing down her cheeks,the poor mother closed her eyes..She found complete darkness before her eyes..Opened them..Found darkness again..She looked up at skies..Started talking to herself and slowly started going into a state of delirium..

She then,finally,questioned the invisible Gods.

”Why and why and why and why only me..??????????..What is that sinful crime I committed to deserve all this pain….?????????”

She knows that she will not get any answer..

She looked around..In desperation,In utter helplessness..She found only silence…..An unbearable silence..An unusual silence giving an indication that the game of cruel fate is not yet over..

However,the baffled the coast guards are observing her reactions in shocked silence.. With their eyes filled with tears and minds filled with doubts,they were all looking at the poor mother with bated breath..

The mother too looked up at them helplessly..Palely..Blankly..Poignantly..And finally..Thankfully..

Later..She looked around once again..Looked at heavens..And lastly..Looked down at the waters that consumed her beloved son..

Suspecting and fearing something tragic,the coast guard on the ladder shouted at her throatfully and tried to move down briskly..Tried to come down quickly ..The other guards too were signaling at her with all the physical signs the humanity can ever understand..

Woman In TearsBut she has already gone into a world of her own where she could neither see anything nor hear anything.. She was going into a fit of rage as that one above mentioned thought was knocking her constantly and shaking her constantly.. She closed her eyes quietly for a moment.. Composed herself ..Chanted prayers..Coming down swiftly and shouting at her loudly the guard was using all his expertise to reach her quickly..She then opened her eyes ..Took a deep breath..Her mind is clear and calm..She has taken the decision..The most unmentionable and an indescribable decision..

The coast guards were watching her..And also the pilot..And also the palm tree..And also the five elements of nature..

Everyone, everything were watching her with bated breath and rapt attention..

However,they just remained watching..

As the right hand of the great lady that was holding the rope of the ladder till that point of time,left it with unmentionable pain and left it with unmentionable trauma..

That was all..

It all happened in just a few seconds..

The coast guard on the ladder tried his best to reach her in time and save her..But it was too late..

As they were all watching her helplessly..



Very slowly

Slided down..




Further down..

And with a huge..


Crashed into the fearfully flowing flood waters..

Mother And ChildThe flood water immediately consumed her body as the deadly saga of the bravest and and the most courageous Telugu woman came to a tragic end..The coast guards couldn’t believe what they have seen.. Even though they believe it,they may not have digest it..Even though they digest it, one life may not be sufficient for them to erase it from their memories .. And after all that traumatic drama,the flood water flowed and moved quietly tn join the sea waters.. The guard on the ladder moved up with a heavy heart..

The helicopter moved on..

We moved on..

Our lives moved on..

Our world moved on…