Quotes About Women“..Yatra naaryastu pujyanthe, ramanthe tatra devataa..” is a Sanskrit quote from the Holy text of Manu Smriti that very solemnly states,”Gods reside where women are worshiped”…However,it would be a total mockery of the holy text now if I try to paraphrase it here in today’s world of brutal gang rapes, filthy sexual abuses,domestic violence and all other sorts of unholy violence against women…Nevertheless,it would still be very pertinent to mention about it’s relevance here no matter whatever the time and period this holy text was ever quoted..

Despite some ugly practices like Sati,Jauhar,Purdah and the infamous Devadasi system,people in olden days India still had a great belief in the above quoted text and as a result the Indian women,for many centuries,have enjoyed a very special status in India commanding enormous respect from all the sections of the glorious Indian society..

Moreover,Indian women have occupied a very special position in the crucial decision making portfolios of every governing body and henceforth have added an elegant grace to that position with their vast knowledge of many intricate subjects and topics..

Unfortunately,there are always a sect of rogues in every society and these rogues have always been viewing women as objects of sexual desire and carnal pleasure…With their diabolic activities,these rogues have always been crossing all the limits of decency and are always trying to prove their dirty objectives right..

These rogues have now become the brand ambassadors of all sorts of sexual violence against women in India and pathetically the special city of Delhi is always in the news for most of such heinous crimes committed against women …

The brutal Delhi gang rape of a twenty three year old physiotherapy student in the hands of six such rogues in a private bus on the night of 16th December, 2012,that tragically led to her untimely death in the early hours of 29th December,2012,calls for an immediate attention of all the human beings of this animal world to unequivocally condemn such barbaric acts,in public ..

First Of All What Makes Delhi So Special..??

Life In DelhiDelhi is not only the capital city of the world’s largest democracy but it is also a city of very great heritage richness and varied cosmopolitan culture…These two vital aspects make Delhi a highly sought after travel destination for many foreign tourists.. More importantly,people of Delhi are also known for their warmth and hospitality that would inadvertently force any first time visitor to this historic city instantly fall in love with it..

But What Went Wrong With Delhi

The growth of Delhi was gradual but it was very substantial…However,as is in the case of many growing cities,Delhi too,in it’s growing process,has attracted many anti social elements,who have come to this lovely city under the guise of small timers,petty business men and dirty politicians..

Over a period of time,these inhuman elements have gone up from strength to strength,capitalizing on the potentiality of the easily gullible natural inhabitants of the Delhi city..

Further more,these anti social elements,without an iota of gratitude,went about sowing the seeds of crudity and rudeness among their followers and it actually started adding negative shades to this otherwise colorful city of a life filled Delhi…

With one misdeed after the other these crooks,over a period of time,have grown from strength to strength and made the human life the most unlivable for the people of Delhi in Delhi and more so for it’s women population..

The above mentioned gang rape of a twenty three year old physiotherapy student,Jyoti Singh Pandey,in the hands of six such rogues is the worst thing ever to happen in the history of Delhi and this gruesome incident has signaled the fall of human values to the lowest ebb and finally heralded the beginning of a new bloody chapter in the glorious history of a culture filled Hindu nation called India..

Protests Against Delhi Gang RapeThis incident kicked up quite a lot of storm in Delhi and has very badly enraged the otherwise well behaved youth of Delhi..Suddenly a lot of discussion began on all the media forums with everyone raising his or her own voice in his or her own unique way.. Unfortunately,this gruesome incident has also forced the safety analysts of India to reveal some very disturbing facts about the general life of women in Delhi.. These facts,quite tactfully,are thus far hidden from the media and also from the common man of Delhi for a very long time..

Here Are The Hidden Facts About The Life Of Women In Delhi

The Delhi police,according to it’s former Commissioner Bharat Gupta,has registered about 568 cases of rape in 2011,which is 12.8 percent more than what it was in 2010..

In all,there were ten incidents of raping of women in moving vehicles reported in the last ten years in Delhi and quite shockingly four of them have occurred in 2012 alone..

According to the latest statistical data provided by the United Nations,eighty percent of the Delhi women today are living with terrible fear of insecurity and uncertainty…

In all,about a shocking sixty percent of these women,at some point of time in their life,have experienced either rape,sexual violence,abuse or molestation..

Seventy percent of the men living in Delhi,according to the survey,have very shamelessly confessed to the Police that they have remained mute spectators to many rape and other incidents of sexual violence against women that took place right in front of them..

Delhi men’s lack of courage and the lack of their will to fight against the violators of law,according to social scientists,is encouraging the crime rate grow rapidly in Delhi..

Lack of proper street lights and inadequate police surveillance in lonely areas of suburban Delhi is encouraging many criminals of rape to a very large extent ..

Quite surprisingly or even quite shockingly,in 98% of the rape cases so far reported in Delhi,the victims were either raped by people they know very well or by their associates with whom they are very closely associated with…It clearly means “these are are the opportunistic crimes committed by criminals in closed rooms,taking advantage of their proximity with the victim”…

Out of the 568 rape cases so far reported in Delhi,only 2.8 percent rapes were committed by strangers..

Victims of RapeFour years ago,the Delhi state government has amended the laws of prostitution in Delhi and has introduced quite a few stringent laws to curb the prostitution that was very rampant in Delhi,those days.. According to social reformists,these tough measures have backfired and forced the people involved in flesh trade to resort to such measures of gang rapes,assault and all other sorts of forcible abduction and sexual violence against women in Delhi..More often than not it’s proved these crimes are committed only to disturb the rhythm of the peace in the city..

SOURCE : Telugu newspaper “SAKSHI” 2012-12-19

Dangerous Statistics

India,according to a global poll conducted by the Thomas Reuters Foundation, ranks fourth in the disgraceful list of “The World’s Most Five Dangerous Countries For Women”…Afghanistan,Congo,Pakistan and Somalia are the other four infamous partners of India in the list.

SOURCE : http://www.trust.org/trustlaw/womens-rights/dangerpoll/

How To Prevent A Potential Rape : A few Very Important Tips And Measures Recommended By Safety Experts

Unless there’s a vengeance involved,a rape is never planned and executed.. Most of the rapes that occurred,including the Delhi gang rape,are mishaps that occurred due to the inebriated condition of the predator or due to the gullibility of the victim..

First and foremost point the experts recommend is – Whatever the time of the day or night,avoid passing through lonely,dark or bushy areas that are either without lights or with dim lights…Avoid short cuts and always take busy routes with a reasonably good traffic.

In today’s scenario of iPads and smartphones,young girls are busy listening to music from such devices…During this process they are oblivious of the suspicious movements of the predators around them…Avoid this carelessness and always keep a watch on the movements of the people around you…

Whenever there’s a need to walk into a lonely parking lot,make good use of your mobile phone by being very loud in your conversation…Inform the person with whom you are on the call,where exactly you are and where are you heading next…If there’s a predator around you,planning to attack you,he will definitely become apprehensive after your loud conversation as he realizes “..you may alert the other person on the phone..”

Always carry a pepper spray bottle with you if you are sure about using it properly…However,be warned..This technique may bounce back if you do not keep the bottle handy..

While walking alone,although you are on busy roads,avoid going close to vehicles that are parked on either side of the road…Chances are-if the criminals are waiting for you-they may immediately pull you  into the vehicle and fly away before someone else notices the abduction..

Remember,kidnappers and abductors never use genuine number plates on their vehicles..

Night Life In Delhi-Girls Night Out In DelhiBe very attentive when you go to dance bars and pubs.. Because these are the places the criminals come often to find their prey…Moreover, avoid going to such pubs where the music is loud coz no one pays you attention,in such a cacophonic atmosphere,in case there’s a problem…Avoid drinks and sexual advances from strangers even though you may sound rude…Never leave your drink glass unattended at places where there’s a possibility of someone dropping a tranquilizer into that…Remember- however strong he is,your boyfriend may not be in a position to protect you if he is overpowered by many..

God has specially gifted women with some rare natural instincts…”Suspicion” and “smelling something fishy” are the two vital instincts among them…Use them judiciously wherever needed..

You may sound weird and crazy but scream loudly whenever you find something wrong with the behavior of the opposite person even though he’s very well known to you..It is for this reason alone most of the crimes in work places go unnoticed…It’s better to be called an “idiot” than a “rape victim”..

Despite the best of your efforts,if a predator still attacks you-either all alone or with a group-do not panic or loose courage…Instead,scream loudly and stamp his feet roughly and then kick him or punch him hard where it hurts him the most..

You know where it is and even Mike Tyson cannot bear with the pain if a kick is delivered on the most sensitive part of a man’s anatomy..PERIOD

When you are forced to stay home alone,never open the door without knowing who’s knocking on it…Always keep chilly powder handy…Just in case someone barges in forcibly,you can still sprinkle the chilly powder on him and cause him considerable damage..

Do not wait for anyone to come to your rescue..Scream loudly and pick and throw heavy objects at him..It will not only scare him a lot but will also draw the attention of your neighbors and other by-passers..

BTW there’s no need to worry about anything..Unless the intruder is an organized criminal or a man from the mafia,he will never be carrying with him deadly weapons like revolvers and other such stuff…

There are many more tips and measures you may allow your wisdom to probe and find out..

But here’s one last one from me..

There’s a very good self defense system called Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) system invented by an United States Marine, Lawrence N.Nadeau..

It’s a personal training system and am not sure whether it’s available in India or not,however,many women in the West are trained under this system to protect themselves from any unforeseen violence against them..

You may click here and know more about this path breaking protective system..

Please Note : Here’s A Very Crucial Information About Rape And Victims Of Rape

According to a study conducted globally,a criminal indulged in a rape will always look around for another victim and another rape…Only the harshest punishment alone,the study recommends,can prevent that criminal from committing another offence…

A Victim Of Sexual ViolenceThe study,furthermore,says “most of the sad victims of rape are either busy working women or teenage students… Pathetically, these victims have chosen to remain silent forever as they are not prepared to face any embarrassment from any corner whatsoever…. Secondly,these victims do not want the image of their families get tarnished because of their pathetic victimization…But the trauma they silently undergo is forcing them to lead a life full of terrible mental imbalance..”.

The study concludes saying “Any man who’s passing indecent remarks about a woman and is making lewd gestures at her,for sure,is tomorrow’s rapist”..

Learn to be brave and,come what may,never hesitate to seek the assistance of the law enforcement authorities no matter whatever the crime or whoever the criminal is..Because,big or small,any crime against women is taken seriously by these authorities and they will not only offer you immediate help but will also protect your privacy..


Please click here for a complete list of laws of rape and violence against women in India…Compiled under the title “Mapping Violence Against Women” this wonderful work,presented by Ms.Indira Jaisingh,gives you a very invaluable information.


Real wisdom lies in living with the most unwise people and real sanctity lies in living in the most unscrupulous environment…For over many centuries,Delhi was raped,maligned,ransacked,assaulted,slaughtered,butchered and was ruthlessly ambushed by many mighty forces…

But as always,Delhi has survived all these onslaughts quite courageously and has remained as strong and brittle as ever and was always prepared to break but was never ready to bend..

Every time it had fallen,Delhi has bounced back with doubled vigor and it will not be a long time before it does the same now,if only we allow the governing system and the defense mechanism of Delhi to function the way it’s meant to function ..

Things will not change overnight and law cannot be enforced brutally,because the defenders of law,unlike the offenders,have a set of rules to follow and a code of conduct to behave..

Hence,in our own interest,it’s advisable to strengthen the hands of law than to snatch it away from them forcibly…We are all learned and we,for sure,know the difference between law makers and law breakers..




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