On an evening sometime during the summer of 1958..

A young 36-year old Indian man,wearing just a simple white Bengali cotton kurta and pajama,walked very casually into America’s one of the oldest and the most famous musical instruments selling shops located in a plush area in the Southern Californian city of Los Angeles in America..

What he did there inside that music shop and what exactly happened there that evening is now part of the great Indian film music history…

All the illustrious customers,sales staff,admin staff,a pretty young lady and the owner of that music shop,who were all witness to that historic incident that day would have never forgotten it in their lifetime..

And here’s what exactly has happened,that evening,in that music shop..

In those days this music shop was the only music shop in the whole of North America known for selling authentic South Asian musical instruments..The Renowned Sitar maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar was the man responsible for introducing the popular Hindustani classical music instrument,Sitar,to America..

And this shop was the only music shop in America,those days,selling Sitar to the enthusiasts of Hindustani classical music spread all over North America …

The owner of this music shop,David Bernard,who was much fascinated by Pandit Ravi Shankar’s Sitar concerts had taken all the pains to import Sitars from India to America..Bernard has not only promoted Sitar in America in a big way but also inspired many Hollywood music directors use it in their films ..

At that time…On that Summer evening…In 1958

When the young Indian walked into their music shop,David Bernard and all his sales staff were busy attending to their other loyal American customers..Firstly,none of them noticed the young Indian walking into their music shop and finally when they noticed,they were all upset with his informal attire and casual appearance..

They all remained silent,for a few moments,staring quietly at each other..They all thought some young Indian walked into their posh music shop just to kill his time by looking at all the rich musical instruments that are on display in their music shop..

David Bernard too,who was at that time sitting in his glass chambers and watching the customers’ movements in his shop,was surprised looking at a casual looking Indian walking into his shop..A much displeased Bernard was unable to understand why that informally dressed young Indian walked into his shop and what business he has there to do..

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