Am – like many among you – a big fan of P M Narenadra Modi and strongly believe, “he’s the answer to many questions we Indians have in our minds”..¬†However, in a nation where there’s corruption from centre to the periphery and in a bureaucracy where everyone is smart and most are corrupt,

“It is difficult to believe that a big policy decision like the currency Demonetization is kept a secret only among the four crucial members of the government.. (Narendra Modi, Ajit Doval, Arun Jaitley and Urjith Patel)”.


It is really saddening and disheartening to see so many senior citizens, women and even physically challenged people standing in long ques for hours, in front of banks and ATMs, to draw money for their daily needs .. Heart burning..

Arun Jaitley now says, “Our ATMs are not equipped to dispense the new 2000 rupee note and it may take two more weeks to make them ready..” which means three to four more weeks of suffering for all of us.

Jailtley saab, it is simple commonsense to first check the armoury and ammunition before going to war because I strongly believe the current scenario in India is no less than a war like situation.

Now, dear honorable prime minister, we the Indians are ready to bear with a few pains for the integrity of our nation, however, that doesn’t mean we should bear with such unwanted pain that would make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Secondly, it is again difficult to believe that, “when such large volume of new two thousand rupee currency notes is being transferred, for so many months, from Mysore to every state capital in India, not a single bank officer had a doubt that there may be a demonetization of old currency”..

Agree no one had a doubt..

However, for a moment, let us assume, ” one RBI officer in Bangalore had such a doubt and passed on the information to Mining Baron, Gali Jnardhan Reddy, whose per day black income, according to unofficial sources, is about twenty crores.

Even such small doubt would have alerted not only G J Reddy but also all his gang members including Y.S Jagan.. This is the scenario if only one officer in Bangalore had such a doubt..

Now, just imagine what if one RBI officer in every state capital had a similar doubt and had alerted the local black money kings.. UNIMAGINABLE .. Right..??

Modi saab, you may have many noble intentions behind this secret act of demonetization, but if hypothetically thought, “my argument may appear like a possibility for you, however if emotionally thought, as you always do, it may appear a like a mere trash”..

In such case, I shall just conclude my opinion saying, “In a world where people believe more in their beliefs than in the facts placed before them, there’s no point in trying to be even hypothetical if not practical”.. PERIOD.

Finally Modi saab,

After knowing that about seven lakh crore black money shall go into drain now and about six lakh crore were already wiped out from the Indian stock market in one single day – 90 percent due to your currency demonetization and ten percent due to Trump effect – am afraid Modi saab “in your effort to save India’s face you had cut it’s nose”..

With a little knowledge I have as an ex NABARD officer and with a little understanding of the parallel economy, this is entirely my analysis of the current chaotic situation in India. . However, you may just ignore it..

Jai Hind

Narrenaditya Komaragiri

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