In the glorious history of world cinema and more particularly in Hollywood cinema,Marilyn Monroe is one such distinguished and phenomenal personality whose iconic image shall remain rock solid as long as movies are made in this world…

Although this Hollywood’s most adored actress is known by many pseudonyms today,she will,however,be remembered forever,by millions of her fans all over the world,as Marilyn Monroe…

But Who Is Marilyn Monroe

American born Model,Hollywood actress and a renowned sex symbol of her times,Marilyn Monroe was always like a river in spate hence it’s very difficult to give a one line description to this amazing ocean of fantasy..

However,to make long description short,Marilyn Monroe was an intoxication..Marilyn Monroe was an addiction..Marilyn Monroe was an enigma..

Marilyn Monroe was a pole star…Marilyn Monroe was a prized possession and Marilyn Monroe was a status symbol and a social threat,in America,during those turbulent times of the second world war..

With the shades of a Rainbow and the vagaries of a thunderstorm,the life and career of Marilyn Monroe has always been like a roller-coaster ride with a meteoric rise and a colossal fall..

What Is Marilyn Monroe

During the thirty six years of short life,Marilyn Monroe lived,she has not only earned herself a great name but also turned herself into a hot topic among the media circles of those days America..The films of Marilyn Monroe,today,are America’s most priceless possessions precious enough to be preserved for a life beyond life..

Most of the film crazy buffs living today were not even born at the time Marilyn Monroe died but almost all of them must have read volumes about the iconic status this greatest Hollywood actress has enjoyed during her lifetime..

In 1999,the celebrated American Film Institute ranked Marilyn Monroe as the sixth greatest female star of all time.

Marilyn Monroe was born as Norma Jeane Mortenson on 1,June,1926 in Los Angeles,California,United States…

However,the identity of her father is yet to be established as she had spent most of her early years in the foster homes of America.

She had a great liking for her “The Misfits” co star Clark Gable and as a child she always dreamed about Clark Dable as her father..

Incidentally,when Clark Gable died in 1960,Marilyn Monroe could not regain her normalcy even after two days and had spent most of that time-weeping..

The Many Names Of Marilyn Monroe

For many strange strange reasons Marilyn Monroe changed her name often and has quoted different names on different occasions…According to her birth certificate her name was Norma Jeane Mortenson but later she was baptized as Norma Jean Baker..

As a model she was known as Mona Monroe for some time and as Jean Norman for some other time…Initially,she wanted her screen name to be “Jean Adir” but would visit her psychiatrist Ralph Greenson with the pseudo name “Faye Miller” and would always check into hotels with another pseudo name “Zelda Zonk”..

Finally,after becoming a famous Hollywood star in 1956,she forever changed her screen name to Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe : Memorable Films And Stunning Performances

Marilyn Monroe As Sugar Kane Kowalczyk In Some Like It Hot

Rated as the Greatest Comedy ever by the American Film Institute,the 1959 Billy Wilder classic “Some Like It Hot” is by all means the best film of Marilyn Monroe…

Displaying sexuality and innocence in equal proportion,Marilyn Monroe gave a sterling performance in this film as  Sugar Kane Kowalczyk,the lead singer of an all girl orchestra..

Secondly,The Seven Year Itch(1955) was the film that has shown the other sexy shades of Marilyn Monroe to the world…This was also the film that has the classic shot of Marilyn Monroe standing over a New York subway grate wearing an ivory pleated halter dress that blows off in the air with the passing of a train..

Marilyn Monroe’s facial expressions,while trying to prevent the dress from not blowing off her body fully,were priceless to say the least…Without revealing much,this historical shot from this film shall remain forever as the most erotic shot ever shot in the history of Hollywood film making..

Later when this iconic dress was put up for auction by Debby Ronald in 2011,it fetched him a whopping 2.8 million pounds…

In addition to the above mentioned films,her other films “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” (1953), “Bus Stop”(1956) and “The Misfits”(1961)are historical milestones in the glorious film career of Marilyn Monroe..

Marilyn Monroe And A Few Unknown Facts

It was a magazine photographer called David Conover who should be credited with the discovery of Marilyn Monroe when he saw her for the first time in a munitions factory located in Burbank,California,where Marilyn Monroe was working as a small timer..

With that discovery Conover scripted the beginning of an epoch making chapter in the glorious history of Hollywood film industry by presenting her photograph on the cover page of a weekly magazine called Yank that’s published exclusively for American soldiers during the times of the second world war..

Subsequently,David Conover launched Marilyn Monroe into modelling and then into films and finally into immortality..

Marilyn Monroe was a brand ambassador to many famous brands like Pabst Beer,Royal Triton Oil,American Airlines,Tan-Tan Suntan Lotion and Kyron Way Diet Pills..

In 1953,the Advertising Association of the West named Marilyn Monroe ” The Most Advertised Girl In The world”.

Although,Marilyn Monroe had a very successful career she,however,could not have a very successful marriage…All her marriages,more often than not,ended in a fiasco throwing her life off the balance many a time.. 

Marilyn Monroe’s first marriage was at the age of sixteen with James Dougherty ..However,this marriage didn’t last long last for various reasons of incompatibility..

After this failed first marriage,Marilyn Monroe again married an ace American Baseball player Joe DiMaggio first and Arthur Miller next…But unfortunately these marriages too didn’t last long..

It was then that she said “Marriage destroyed my relationship with two wonderful men..”

Ironically,her first husband James Dougherty,after his separation from his wife Marilyn Monroe,joined as a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and later played a very crucial role in the investigation of Marilyn Monroe’s death..

The Beginning Of Marilyn Monroe

The Gorgeous Looking Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was voted as the Oomph Girl 1n 1941 by the Emerson Junior High School and as Miss Cheesecake by the popular magazine,Star and Stripe..

In 1948,Marilyn Monroe became the first person to be crowned Artichoke Queen by Castroville,a Census Designated Place (CDP) in the Monterey County of  California in United States…

In spite of so many laurels in recognition of her beauty,fame and grace,Marilyn Monroe was never nominated for an Academy Award.

Though Marilyn Monroe became a Christian Scientist at a very young age of eighteen,she still believed in many alternative spiritualities like Anthroposophy,an obscure philosophy founded by Rudolf Steiner…Later,just before her marriage to Arthur Miller in 1956,she converted to Judaism.

Marilyn Monroe learned Yoga from an Indian film star Indra Devi..Though not known to many people in India,this Yoga guru also taught Yoga to other great Hollywood legends like Great Garbo and Gloria Swanson…

Indra Devi was born in Riga,Latvia to a Swedish bank director and a noble Russian woman…Indra Devi (original name Eiženija Pētersone) led an illustrious career in America and died at the age of 102 in April,2002.

Marilyn Monroe was an ace athlete too…As an young married woman,during the early nineteen forties,she learned weight lifting at the Catalina Island from former American Olympian Howard Corrington…

Marilyn Monroe was also known for many of her other dangerous pleasures…Cutting though the waves of the ocean and balancing on the shoulders of her boyfriend, Tommy Zaha,Marilyn Monroe would often go on wild surfing those days..

The Weird Life Style Of Marilyn Monroe That’s Never Known To The World

Marilyn Monroe had this weird habit of roaming around naked wherever possible…She had in fact given quite a few interviews to the media nude and went out many times without wearing anything under her favorite black mink gifted to her by Joe DiMaggio…

As reported by many of her personal aides,she would often go out walking naked,in Hollywood studios,much to the embarrassment of her make-up artistes,wardrobe mistresses and hair dressers…

Marilyn Monroe was also known for some of her noble deeds…In 1955,when Marilyn Monroe came to know that a very talented singer was struggling to prove herself in the industry,she personally took her to a colour bar and requested the management to allow that talented singer to give her performance there in that bar..

The management obliged after Marilyn Monroe promised them that she would be sitting in the front rows of the bar,continuously for a week,when the lady is performing..

Later this talented lady singer went on to become Ella Fitzgerald who is now more popularly known as the “Queen Of Jazz”, “The First Lady Of Song” and “Lady Ella”…

Marilyn Monroe had a great liking for Dogs and used to own quite a lot of them when she was alive…The last of her collection was a Maltese terrier gifted to her by the one and only Frank Sinatra…Two Polaroids of this dog were sold for two hundred and twenty thousand pounds at the Christie’s sale in 1999.

Marilyn Monroe had two plastic surgeries to enhance her facial beauty…One was a tip rhinoplasty to reshape the soft cartilage at the tip of her nose; the second one was a chin implant…John Hyde,Marliyn Monroe’s Hollywood agent,paid for these two plastic surgeries.

Marilyn Monroe And Playboy

On 27th,May,1949,Marilyn Monroe posed nude for the famous porn magazine, Playboy…By far,she is the only popular Hollywood actress to pose nude for Playboy and these photos were shot by the famous photographer Tom Kelly at his Los Angeles studio…

Later Hugh Hefner,the founder of Playboy purchased these photographs from Tom Kelly by paying $25,000 to Marilyn Monroe for her nude assignment.

In an interview to Vanity Fair,just a day before her death,Marilyn Monroe said ”There is hardly anyone who can look as beautiful as me without clothes..I never knew my tits and ass can get me a house and a swimming pool ” ..

Incredible stuff indeed.

Romance Between Marilyn Monroe And President John F Kennedy

Those days,it was rumored,there was a strong relationship between Marilyn Monroe and the handsome President John F Kennedy…It was also rumored that they met often in Frank Sinatra’s palatial glass estate at Beverly Hills and that Frank Sinatra had in fact arranged a hugely spaced special guest room,with a swimming pool in it,for the lovely pleasure of the romantic couple.

On the 19th May of 1962,the birthday of President John F Kennedy,Marilyn Monroe gave a very special gift to him by singing “Happy Birthday Mr.President” at the fully packed Madison Square Gardens in New York…

This rendition of Marilyn Monroe is still considered the sexiest rendition of the Happy Birthday song…However,according to his very close associates,President Kennedy was not very impressed with this gesture of Marilyn Monroe..

Marilyn Monroe wore a specially designed Jean Louis gown for this occasion..Later this sexy outfit of Marilyn Monroe was sold for eight hundred and twenty thousand pounds in an auction in 1999.

Please click here to view this rare rendition of Marilyn Monroe 

The Only Image Of Marilyn Monroe With John.F.Kennedy

What Exactly Happened On The Day Marilyn Monroe Was Reported Dead

During the phase before her death,Marilyn Monroe had gone through many health disorders and personal problems…

She was never keen on completing her assignments on time and had also failed to honor the film commitments she had earlier signed with many reputed production houses of those days..

This,unfortunately,led to a rumor that “..Marilyn Monroe is an artiste impossible to work with.”

Finally,on 5th August,1962 it was reported that Marilyn Monroe died at her residence-12305,Fifth Helena Drive, Brentwood…Unfortunately this was the only house owned by Marilyn Monroe.

On the night of 4th August,1962 at about 12 a.m,Eunice Murray,the house keeper of Marilyn Monroe,called her psychiatrist Dr.Ralph Greenson and informed him that there  is no response from Marilyn Monroe’s master bed room for the previous two hours and there was also a light visible from underneath the door of her room that’s locked from inside..

Ralph Greenson immediately rushed to Marilyn Monroe’s house only to find her dead…He later declared to  a shocked America that “Marilyn Monroe’s death is a probable suicide caused by acute barbiturate (drugs used for soothing central nervous system probably for depression) poisoning”.

The Los Angeles Police Department officer Jack Clemmons was the first investigating officer to arrive at the death scene…He along with his other detectives of LAPD,investigated the case deeply and very firmly believed that Marilyn Monroe was murdered..

Though there were many suspects to be punished,there’s no one booked so far nor is any police case filed against them..

The Young Marilyn Monroe In Niagara

American Life After The Death Of Marilyn Monroe

With her death in mysterious circumstances and with many questions remaining to be answered,Marilyn Monroe  had left many of her followers heart broken leaving them in complete disarray and bewilderment..

What heightens the mystery around the death of Marilyn Monroe is the fact that when the toxicology tests were conducted by America’s renowned autopsy expert Dr.Thomas Noguchi,the tests were only confined to her liver..

When Dr.Noguchi asked for more organs for examination,he was promptly told by the Police “..they were destroyed…”

However,the question that still remains unanswered today is- Why in the first case were the other body organs of Marilyn Monroe were asked for by Dr.Thomas Noguchi and how and why were they destroyed..??

There were two books found on the death bed of Marilyn Munroe indicating that she was reading them prior to her death…While one book was Harper Lees’s classic ” To Kill A Mocking Bird”,the second one was “Captain Newman MD” a novel written by Leo Rosten that is loosely based on psychiatrist Ralph Greenson’s experiences during the second world war..

By the way does anyone,who’s planning to commit suicide,spend time reading novels..??..That was the question raised by many of her fans but like many of those unanswered previous questions this question too is unanswered till today..

Immediately after her death,many of Marilyn Monroe’s shocked personal friends and close film industry colleagues have strongly believed that Marilyn Monroe has always been a lady with a brave heart and would never  commit suicide..

They further claimed “..she was murdered by some very powerful forces..”and turned their fingers of suspicion towards President John F Kennedy and his other unpopular brother Robert Kennedy (It is still believed that Marilyn Monroe shared an equally strong and sustained physical relationship with both the Kennedy brothers..).

The “list of suspects” also has the names of Marilyn Monroe’s psychiatrist Ralph Greenson,the Sicilian mafia Don Sam Giancana,the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and finally the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Beautiful Marilyn Monroe In A Telephone Conversation

After Marilyn Monroe’s death,two gentlemen by names C.Stanley Gifford and Edward Mortensen,who were on their death beds that time, said ” Marilyn Monroe is my daughter..”.

While the former refused to accept Marilyn Monroe as his child when she was alive,the later married Marilyn Monroe’s mother after her birth..Surprisingly Mortensen’s surname appears on Marilyn Monroe’s birth certificate too..

According to psychologist Dr. S. David Bernstein,”..there was a signed check of $228,found on a table in the bed room of Marilyn Monroe at the time of her death..”..This check was meant for purchasing a chest of drawers from a furniture showroom,the next day…This check was signed by Marilyn Monroe on the 4th of August,1962..

Dr.Bernstein says “Marilyn Monroe had plans to purchase some furniture the next day..Anyone with plans of further shopping will never commit suicide.”.. This check is now put up for auction.

A Few More Facts

There was a stampede at Marilyn Monroe’s funeral as hundreds and thousands of her fans tried to enter the cemetery to steal the floral tributes that have been sent to her.

Later,thrice in a week for about twenty years after Marilyn Monroe’s death,her second husband Joe DiMaggio used to send Roses to be decorated on her crypt..

According to a report from the New York Times,a record number of twelve people committed suicide on a single day after hearing about the suicide of their favorite actress Marilyn Monroe.

One of the suicide victims even wrote in his suicide note “If the most wonderful and the most beautiful soul in the world thinks she has nothing to live for,then what do I have”

Here Is The Signature Of Marilyn Monroe


“Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul…I know,because I turned down the first offer often enough and held out for the fifty cents.”- Marilyn Monroe

May this great soul of Marilyn Monroe rest in peace forever..AMEN