All the lesbians,gays,bisexuals and transgenders,with their perverted minds craving for unusual sexual pleasures,are freaks in nature cursed by God..They are in a state of weird ecstasy which is not allowing them to realize that the side effects of gay sex and lesbian sex are more lethal and more punishing than the after effects of a broken love marriage..

Just watch the girl in this photograph.What’s there to feel proud about what she is in our society..Only sick people,suffering from issues related to serious identity disorders,display such measures of exhbitionistic attitude..

Secondly,all the gays and lesbians are too idiotic to realize how gruesome the consequences of choosing a life of weird pleasure would be and are indulging in immoral sexual activities that are slowly but surely leading them towards a point of traumatic no return..

And This Is How They Argue In Support of Their Sexual Preferences..

“Whether it is in line with nature or against the nature,sex is a pleasurable game played by an individual whichever partner he or she chooses to play with .. No matter what the law or the law enforcing authority may say in this regard,we have every right to play this game with the partner we are comfortable playing with..

It’s our birthright hence no one can prevent us from playing this game of sex we love to play with whoever,wherever and whenever we want.. And well..If you say it’s a crime to play such a game here in this country,then f… you..We are leaving..We shall go and play this game in a country where it’s not a crime to play such a game..”

That was the the reaction of all the gays and lesbians in India,after the apex court of the largest democracy in the world,while delivering it’s judgement on gay sex on the 11th of December,2013 said, “..the section 377 of the Indian penal code prohibiting carnal intercourse against the order of nature is valid and cannot be disputed..”

It means,whether it’s gay sex or lesbian sex,”indulging in a sexual act,other than the natural peno-vaginal sex,with persons of same sex would hereafter be a punishable crime in India under this 153 year old section 377 of IPC “..

Whenever such a judgement is delivered,more particularly in cases related to such controversial issues like gay sex and lesbian sex,the world society would undoubtedly be divided into two halves and voice their opinion..

In this case too,while the conservatives spoke in favor of the judgement the liberals spoke the other way..

And This Is What Some Of The Famous Personalities Of India Say About Gay Sex And Lesbian Sex

Famous Indian actor,Amitabh Bachchan,arguably the most popular Indian living on the planet today,questioned, “..How will the law authorities decide or apprehend those that commit this ‘crime’ !!??..”

Popular Indian director in Hollywood,Shekhar Kapoor,tweeted..”..Because there is a thin fuzzy line between judgement and prejudice,we must protest Sec 377..”

Former Miss India Celina Jaitley,who openly fights for the protection of the rights of the Lesbians,Gays,Bisexuals,Transgenders (LGBT) activists,did not exercise any caution in displaying her anger over the judgement..”Laws are meant to protect people ..However this law 377 will be used to blackmail, abuse,violate,humiliate people..”

Aamir Khan,popular Bollywood actor and one of Indian film industry’s much followed celebrities,described the judgment as “very intolerant and violative of basic human rights”

Freida Pinto,an Indian actress who starred in the Oscar winning movie the Slumdog Millionaire,said on Twitter she was “absolutely appalled by such narrow mindedness”.

Noted Indian actor,John Abraham,who idolized the character of gay on the Indian screen,said, “..India has harboured archaic prejudices once again..The Supreme Court has criminalized homosexuality… Shame.”

In what is perhaps the boldest statement made in response to the supreme court judgement,Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor not only dared to call all the supporters of the apex court judgement “fucking idiots”,but also said “..Homophobia should be a crime…It’s so shameful that a country which is known for its tolerance for a few thousand years had come to this!!!..”

Popular Bollywood director and actor,Farhan Akthar,acclaimed by the world media for his wonderful portrayal of the character of ace Indian runner Milkha Singh in the Hindi film “Bhaag Milka Bhaag”,tweeted, “..The Supreme Court got it wrong today…Sec 377..”

Karan Johar,renowned Bollywood director,known for making bold films like Bombay Talkies that portrayed homosexuality,tweeted..

Karan Johar On Gay Sex

Finally,popular website First Post,made the most controversial statement in support of the LGBT community and in protest against the Supreme Court judgement,when it said..

“..Hindu myths don’t criminalize homosexuality…Shiva transformed into a woman to make love to Parvati..”..PERIOD

And This Is What The Famous Brands Of India,That Are Openly Supporting LGBT Activities,Say

Amul is one of the leading FMCG brands of India and is also known for focusing on current trends and topical issues..Here’s what the popular Amul girl says in protest against the Supreme Court of India verdict..

Amul On Gay Sex


Allen Solly,a popular men’swear brand in India,headed by a famous group, came out openly in support of the gay activists and says..


Allen Solly On Gay Sex


Hidesign, a homegrown luxury goods brand, tweeted in support of repealing Section 377.


Hidesign On Gay Sex


And this is how popular youth fashion brand of India,Fastrack,reacted to the verdict on gay sex


Fastrack On Gay Sex


Fastrack had,in fact,showed it’s support to the rights of the lesbians through this provocative ad which it released in April,2013..


Fastrack On Lesbians


Tanishq,a leading jewelry brand in India owned by the famous Titan group, created this ad,in support of LGBT community,that went viral on Twitter..


Tanishq On Gay Sex


And This Is How LGBT Activists And People In General Responded To The Supreme Court Judgement

Amit Misra


Sharanya Haridas


Meenal Mukadam

Finally,This Is The Mother Of All Reactions That,However,Was In Support Of The Supreme Court Judgement

Popular Indian yoga guru,Baba Ramdev,who waged a long battle against the LGBT community,gay sex and lesbian sex,has  invited the entire gay community – through a press conference he held after the supreme court verdict – to his yoga ashram where he would cure them of homosexuality,which act he described as “unnatural,uncivilized, immoral,irreligious and abnormal”.

Ramdev said he would do so by “keeping them in a room with a heterosexual for a few days”..Anybody there to accept his invitation..PERIOD

Please Click Here to watch a BBC video on the verdict of the supreme court of India


All the famous personalities and corporate giants,who are now speaking in favor of the LGBT community,may have many compelling reasons to do so but I however believe that all the activities of these lesbians,gays,bisexuals and transgenders may not be are illegal but are definitely immoral..

Unfortunately,they are deprived of the immeasurable pleasure the peno-vaginal sex is offering to millions of natural couples all over the world..Just like smoking,drinking and addiction to Marijuana’; gay sex and lesbian sex too are those weird pleasures after commuting which fatal error the erred shall regret all through their life..

All the freaks in Nature indulging in such unnatural sexual activities are inadvertently groping in darkness of a weird pleasure that’s steaming out all the happiness from their life..All the gays and lesbians today are not only disowned by their own family but are also boycotted by their own society forever..

After this punishing response from their own family and society,all the gays and lesbians may,over a period of time,develop many nervous disorders including melancholic depression,maniacal depression,existential loneliness and senile dementia,among others..

Some gays and lesbians may still realize,at some point of time in their life, but that would be too late for them to come back..Real wisdom lies in preventing the disorder than in curing it at an advanced stage..