Most of the pleasant or unpleasant things that happen in our life happen during the most unexpected times or during the most unwanted circumstances..

These things, more often than not, force us to believe, “there is a some Supreme Power controlling our lives and actions and there is little that we can do during such happenings”..

In a way there are many mysteries occurring in the human world that are beyond human comprehension..

I was a standing witness to one such unfortunate incident that took place in My life wherein the executioners of death mercilessly implemented their MASTER’s orders right in front of my eyes..

Before I could realize what was happening and before I could even do something to prevent that, a middle aged man whom I have not seen in My life before..


All the while during that painful drama, I could only remain a mute hapless spectator.. That incident later changed the way I was so far looking at life.. That death filled look, those tear filled eyes and that painful final surrender to destiny in the last moments of his life will haunt me forever for a life beyond life…

All in all, the whole traumatic episode was over in about thirty minutes of time..

But how it all happened..??

It was some time during the month of December ,2009 and it was just about a week before Christmas.. It was a breezy week day for everyone and was a lazy morning for Me..

It was only the previous night I returned from a week long hectic trip to Delhi.. Got up late bcoz the effect of the late night beer was still on Me and I was actually in no mood to do any sort of work that day.

Normally, I begin My day with the reading of all the four news papers I subscribe to.. Those are the most passionate moments of My day and I enjoy doing that sipping a cup of piping hot coffee..

On that eventful day too…

I was very casually going through the most passionate moments of My day -reading all the daily newspapers (Eenadu and Saakshi(Telugu) Deccan Chronicle and Times Of India).. As there were no big plans for the day I was all the more relaxing, waiting for another round of hot coffee from wifey..

Then I suddenly realized that I did not switch on my mobile.. Lazily got up and switched on My mobile…Lo…I Was shocked to receive about twenty missed call alerts, all from a beloved friend..

Why did he call Me so many times, that too before nine in the morning..??.. I scratched my head.. After going through all the messages,I could finally find one message that provided all the necessary answers to My confusing questions..

The first part of that message was filled with filthy, unmentionable, unprintable unparliamentary language cursing Me for keeping the mobile switched off till 9 AM in the morning and the last part contained the actual content meant for Me..

Here’s the summary of the message..

There is an emergency meeting at 11 AM at The Taj Banjara Hotel, Hyderabad, with some big clients from Mumbai.. It was regarding an ad campaign.. Phak.. There is no time and Am still in My shorts and still in romance with all the news papers..

What to do..?? Looked at the wall clock..

9:12 AM..

I quickly finished off all My morning works : grubbed a few Idlies(Am sorry -dozen idlies in My view are only a few); rapidly gulped a hot Ginger tea and raced out zooming in My car.. I know there is no much time left.

I looked at My watch.

10 : 07 AM

I still need about sixty minutes to reach the hotel and by the time I reach it ; it will be 11.15 AM approximately.. I Will be late to the meeting by about fifteen minutes.. What to do.. Certain things are not in our hands.. I convinced Myself..

By the way..

Women Painting With Beautiful Nature

Driving through the beautiful by-lanes of My more beautiful Tarnaka area has always been a beautiful experience for Me..Not because the lanes are filled with trees on both the sides ; also not because the colony is filled with beautiful houses..

But because of the most beautiful ladies walking through the lanes of the colony for most part of the day.. With a density of around hundred beautiful ladies per square kilometer My Tarnaka area in Hyderbad will occupy the top slot in India if the density of beautiful ladies population is measured..

Something worth cheering about.. Seriously !!!

But at that time

I was not aware that I actually have a lot of time with Me and that I will never be meeting those big clients in Taj Banjara hotel that day and will never bag that advertisement contract from them forever.

I was also not aware that God was actually pushing Me out of My house on some other important duty..

What a stupid I am..

If only a man can be aware of all such things about his future, why would he look to God for help and guidance.. Period.

With so many irrelevant and unnecessary thoughts racing through My mind I have slowly reached the Tarnaka fly over traffic signal post..

Just before reaching the signals, I saw a hefty looking middle aged man of about fifty five years of age, riding a Hero Honda bike, going in front of My car.. The distance between two of our vehicles was about five feet.. The traffic at that time was slowing down as we  were all approaching the traffic signal post..

The traffic signal turned RED and all the vehicles have come to an abrupt stop..I want to take a left turn which is a free turn for me and enter the Osmania University campus road..

But I was blocked by a few vehicles in front of Me.. Left with nothing much to do, I have completely stopped My car, waiting for clearance to take My proposed left turn.. With both My hands rest on the steering, I was casually watching the traffic that was moving ahead of Me..

Since there was enough room for him, I could see the Hero Honda bike carrying that dark, hefty looking middle aged man wade through those cars stopped in front of Me.. It’s normal in India and we very often see many two wheeler bikes piercing through such thick traffic and going away in similar fashion..

Same thing happened that time too, as I saw that hefty middle aged man passing through those fleet of cars and city buses..After about two minutes of intense waiting I too got clearance to turn into the left side Osmania University road..

I turned My car completely into that road and was immediately forced to halt as there was a small group of people gathered in the middle of the road blocking it partially.

What happened.. I have no time to find out.. I know I have to rush or else I will miss a crucial meeting..So I have created room for Myself and tried to pass through that gathering..

While doing so,I casually turned My head and tried to see what was happening there in the middle of that road..


I was shocked to find that hefty middle aged man, who was going ahead of Me on his Hero Honda bike just a few minutes ago, lying unconscious on the road.. I was anxious and wanted to know what happened to that poor man..

But there is no time.. I can’t stop.. There is a crucial meeting with some big names and a valuable contract for Me… And here is this man ,I have seen only a few minutes ago, lying on the road..

What happened to him so suddenly..?? He may need some help.. To stop or to go.. I was confused.. More than the curiosity it was My anxiety that was not allowing Me to move forward.. My mind was like a diesel loco shed that time.. A real devil and the deep sea situation..

With so many vacillating thoughts, I just went ahead a few paces further and stopped My car near the footpath and turned back to see what was happening there in the middle of the road..

That middle aged man was still lying in the middle of the road and there were a few people gathered around him watching him in curiosity..Most of the people that gathered there were Osmania University students and a few curious onlookers..

Without doing anything, they were all just looking at the middle aged man lying helplessly in front of them… If I have to be brutally frank, they were watching a drama..

I know there is no much time ; not for my meeting but for that middle aged man lying alone on the road.. Poor fella.. He too must be having a family.. He too must have someone waiting for him..

I immediately got out of the car..Now there is no meeting nor any ad contract at the back of my mind.. I Just went running to that unconscious middle aged man..

I got down on My knees and checked his breathing.. Thanks be to God, that was all right.. For a moment I thought it was an epilepsy attack.. Asked a student to bring the water bottle from my car.. Sprinkled water on the middle aged man’s face..

No response..

Man In Silence

Everyone there thought I am a doctor so were lending all the needed support to Me.. A couple of traffic policemen too joined me in My rescue act.. But there is no response from that man..

I didn’t want to waste any time and searched for his mobile phone with an intention to call his family members first.. I found it tied to his waist… Pulled it out and called the last number dialed..

Luckily that went to his daughter who stays nearby.. Informed her about her dad’s condition and asked her to come immediately..

Exactly, at that point of time that middle aged man slowly opened his eyes.. Looked around and looked at Me.. He tried to get up but could not.

We helped him get up and stand on his feet.. After finding him better, I asked him in My native Telugu language. “What happened gentleman..?? Are you alright..??”

He tried to smile at Me but could not do so owing to some uneasiness.. I gave him some water to drink.. Now am happy that he regained conscience..

Then he told me..”..I don’t know what happened.. I felt some dizziness in My head and slipped off the bike..”..Everyone was listening to him silently..

Then I asked him..”May I know who you are.. What you do..??.. Does this happen often to you.. Sorry for asking.. Are you an epilepsy patient..??..”..

Again trying to smile and feeling guilty for such a pitiful situation in his life, he replied.. “No..I don’t have any problem..Am Daniel Dharma Raj, working as a sub-editor in Saakshi news paper (Telugu paper I read with lot of passion).. I am feeling some uneasiness in My heart.. And..I…I..I..”‘..

He was trying to say some thing..

Trying to recollect something.. Then I saw a lot of agony in his eyes.. Lot of pain.. He was looking deep into My eyes.. I too was doing the same.. This time I found some tears deep inside his eyes..

But his eyes were seeing somewhere.. Was he seeing something about his future that is normally not visible to human beings..

Just a few moments before their death, I believe, every living being is granted some powers by God to foresee the happenings of future.. Was this middle aged man too seeing something about future.. ??

Something about his family of parents or about his daughters..?? Then why those tears in his eyes..?? I know they are not due to any uneasiness in him but were due to that emotional pain he was undergoing at that time..

All in all, that middle aged man was slowly sliding down again.. I tried to hold him tightly with both my hands.. Tried to prevent a fall.. The policemen and students were also helping me..

We could only prevent him from falling on to the road but could not prevent him from going back into an unconscious state again… I was holding him tightly.. He was lying unconscious in My hands.. What to do..??..

I looked around at everyone.. Thinking that I am a doctor they were all looking at Me expecting Me to take the initiative.. I asked a policeman to call for an ambulance.. He called and got the reply that no ambulance is available for another one hour…

“..What to do..?..What to do..??..What to doooo…????”.. Am going crazy.. No chance.. I need to take a decision.. So many thoughts were knocking Me by putting forth several options before Me but I was still unable to decide..

The middle aged man was still unconscious in My hands.. The strength of curious onlookers was growing.. It’s almost five to eight minutes since he had his first fall..


Lights Of Heaven

In My wavering between decision and indecision another two precious minutes of his life were lost.. I did not want to waste any more time.. Then I took a decision..

Asking the policemen and a couple of students to lift that hefty man and keep him ready, I rushed to My car and reversed it back by about thirty feet and brought it to the spot..

The entire traffic on the busy university road was stopped by the Police to allow Me to reverse My car to the spot.. All the people in that blocked traffic too were kind enough to cooperate with Me till I shifted the middle aged man into the back seat of My car..

Later I asked a student and a policeman to accompany Me to the hospital.. They sat in My car and I raced it into the nearby RTC hospital premises in two more minutes..

It took another couple of minutes for the staff to arrive and for a Cardiologist to check the middle aged man.. The cardiologist, at that time, was attending to another emergency case, but I ran to him and requested him to attend to that middle aged man first..

He obliged.. Walking along with him in the corridors, I explained everything to him…

He came hurriedly to My car ; Started performing some examinations.. During that time I saw a middle aged lady and a girl coming running towards My car.. I thought “They must be this middle aged man’s wife and daughter..”..

In the mean time, the Cardiologist finished his examination and turned towards Me.. I was eagerly waiting to listen to his observations.. “..You brought him dead..” was what he said..

The man’s wife and daughter reached My car exactly at that time and heard what the cardiologist had said.. I was already in a deep shock so could not notice their reaction.. But I understood they were speechless..

The middle aged man’s daughter was the first one to react.. She wept very loudly looking at her Dad’s dead body who was alive and spoke to her a just a few minutes ago.. Though shocked, his wife quickly came to terms with the situation and asked the Cardiologist..

“..What do you think is the cause of death doctor..”….

“Massive and sudden heart attack..”, came the reply from the doctor..

She then asked.. “Are you sure he is dead..”..

“Of course he is dead and he is brought dead.. Any person who gets such a massive cardiac attack will not survive for more than a few minutes.. But you can go for a second opinion if you so feel..” replied the Cardiologist..

The middle aged man was still in the back seat of My car..

His wife looked at Me.. She was in tears but they were not noticeable as she too was wearing spectacles.. I understood.. Then we together took him to their ESI hospital where they have a family doctor.. But he was not there that time.

Then we decided to take him to Yashoda hospital in Secunderabad.. After going for about a mile, she told Me that there will be a lot of traffic in that route and advised Me to go to The Kamineni Wockhardt heart hospital in LB Nagar.

I took a U turn and rushed to Kamineni hospital that is about ten miles from Tarnaka..We went there..Since that was a corporate hospital the attention was very prompt..

The medical staff took the middle aged man into the ICCU (Intensive Coronary Care Unit) immediately.. Specialists rushed in.. They started conducting all the tests.. I was observing everything from outside..

Since am not a family member I was not allowed inside the ICCU and only his wife was allowed.. I was waiting outside.. A few more of the middle aged man’s anxious family members too rushed into the hospital and joined Me outside the ICCU..

I was not interested in talking to anyone of them.. After a few more minutes, removing the clinical gloves off their hands, the doctors came out..

Finally with tears in her eyes, the wife of that middle aged man too came out.. The daughters and other relatives rushed to her.. Don’t know what she said; they all broke into tears.. From a distance though, I could still sense the feelings of that poor middle aged man’s wife.. Her tears gave me the answer..

I looked around at the gloomy hospital atmosphere.. Looked at the medical staff who were very mechanically attending to their duties..

“For us it is life, for them it’s just a duty.”..I told myself.. Later, still don’t know why, I looked at My hands for a few seconds..

After observing them silently for a few more minutes, I have very philosophically told myself ..”As a fellow human being I did all that you can..My job is now over..I may go”..

But, once finally, I wanted to see that middle aged man.. I slowly moved towards the ICCU glass door.. Looked inside..

The dark bespectacled hefty middle aged man, Daniel Dharma Raj, the sub editor of My favorite news paper SAAKSHI, was lying dead on a bed inside the ICCU..

In complete thoughtlessness and in a poignant state of mind, I stared at him for a few minutes.. His closed eyes hidden behind those spectacles told Me..

“Be careful bro.. Life is uncertain and death is so very near…”

Beautiful Nature

Staring at those eyes I stayed there for a few more minutes.. Silently offered My prayers to the Invisible and paid homage to that departed soul..

Later, with a very heavy heart, slowly turned back and started walking towards My car..In between, paused for a few seconds and looked at the bereaved family members.. No one noticed Me as the entire family was busy consoling each other..

I did not want to disturb them.. Slowly moved and continued My walking towards the car.. Were there tears in My eyes.. ??.. May be there were..!!

As I was about to get into My car, the middle aged man’s wife and his daughter came to me and offered their sincere thanks.. With folded hands, I very politely told them..”..I did all that I can but I  couldn’t save his life.. Anyways, no need to thank Me for that.. I only did My duty “..

Then the middle aged man’s wife requested Me to attend the last rites the next day in their Sitaphalmandi TRT quarters residence.. I know My role and My relationship with that family ended there, that moment, in that hospital.. But I still nodded My head..

After taking leave from them I returned home quietly.. After that incident, I have not seen anyone of them so far and may never be seeing them again in My life..


After that traumatic episode, there were several unanswered questions in My mind.. Who is that middle aged man and what is the relationship between two of us..??.. We have not seen each other so far in this life..

Then what was that previous life’s strong relationship between two of us that made him breathe his last in My hands..??.. I pretty well know that behind every act of God there will be a strong purpose.. Then what is the purpose behind this act..??..

Why is that man destined to die in My hands..??.. How is the timing of our meeting be so accurate..??.. Is God trying to convey something to Me..??

Or is it already conveyed through the dead eyes of that hefty middle aged man when I found them saying “..Be careful bro ,Life is uncertain and death is so very near..”

Who knows..???


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