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Welcome to my site Amazing True Life Stories..I’m Narrenaditya,an award winning Creative Director and Writer from a four hundred year old historic city in India called Hyderabad..

In this site am going to present some real life stories and true life stories that are based entirely on many real life incidents occurring each and every day in almost every part of our world..Most of these incidents may have occurred quite some time ago,however,almost all of them are all still fresh in my memory..I have read about these incidents or stories either in newspapers or watched them on television…

While some of these stories hit me hard,some have made me sad..While some of these stories made me angry,some have made me emotional..While some of these stories have inspired me,some have really motivated me hard ..Finally,while some of these stories made me think philosophically,some stories have made me soulfully cry..

I love travelling and during many such journeys I normally come across quite a few interesting personalities who have many interesting stories to share with the world..I’m going to present them here..

There are also some really inspirational stories as well as  crime stories that have not gone much into the notice of the common man and I’m also trying to present them all here..

Of course there are also some true love stories and true romantic stories that thrilled me,excited me and also surprised me a bit…But I must say almost all of them will definitely excite you to the core..So I’m presenting them here..

One last word please..

Before presenting the story on my blog,for the convenience of the readers,I try and visualize everything with my creative eye and then present it in an as realistic way as possible..Every story on this site,I’m sure,has  a different appeal to make and would certainly make every reading of your’s quite worthwhile..

Nevertheless,browsing through my site and through the true life stories it presents before you will be a great memorable experience for you all..

These true stories,in a way,will also leave an everlasting impression on your mind and your thought process…At the same time these true life stories will also change the way you look at life hereafter..

Please keep visiting often..Thank you very much..