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On the day Manish arrived..

Sweta proposed to Arvind that they should invite all their friends and raise a toast in honor of Manish.

“Fine” said Arvind and that evening they have thrown a rocking rave party to all their friends… Sweta was dazzling in her designer outfit and was as usual the centre of all attraction.

A heavily drunk Manish and Sweta danced together and surprised everyone with their intimate bodily movements.

No doubt Arvind is a very sophisticated and liberal man but he still felt very uncomfortable with their intimacy.. However, he still tried to brush it off with an inner voice that was constantly telling him that “they are cousins”.

The party was over and they returned homes.. After a couple of days, much to the relief of Arvind, Manish left for Mumbai..

Later on..

Offering lame excuses,Manish started coming to Hyderabad frequently.. And every time he would come, Sweta was spending spend maximum time with him…

No matter Arvind accompanied them or not, partying hard was their principal agenda and in a way every time they wanted to go out, they deliberately started avoiding Arvind..

Very painfully, Arvind too started understanding their game plan and went about suffering the humiliation all alone and in all silence.. This game went on liberally, for a long time, much to the embarrassment of Arvind and more to the embarrassment of his colleagues and close friends.

Until one day…

A close colleague friend of Arvind invited him to the staff canteen for a personal discussion..

Though surprised at the invitation, Arvind quitely followed him to the canteen.. They sat in a remote corner and ordered for an executive lunch.. Arvind found a sort of uneasiness in his friend’s face..

He also noticed that his friend is wanting to say something but is hesitating to say.. He owon his own asked, “Whats the matter yaar…Its OK.. Whatever it is.. Speak out..”

With hand in his friends hand and with severe pain in his voice, the friend replied,”I really don’t know how to begin it but I know somehow I will have to make a beginning and tell you evrything..

Am your best friend Arvind.. If not I who else can ever dare to discuss this matter with you.. If not today, some day you will any how come to know about this..But..”..he hesitated and paused..

Then drank a little water and kept sympathetically looking at Arvind.. Understanding his friend’s hesitation, Arvind had put his left hand around his friend’s shoulder and said, ”Arey yaar.. Why are you hesitating.. Let me know what it is.. No issues.. I can face it..”

With still a little hesitation in his voice, the friend said, “Am sorry Arvind.. But itz about Sweta”.. It came as a shocker to Arvind as he really was not prepared for a discussion about his wife.. But he still requested his friend to continue..

Continuing the conversation, the friend went about saying in a low tone..

“..All is not well on her side Arvind.. Particularly her intimacy with her so called cousin Manish.. Everyone in our office and even among our social circle are talking non sense about her and about her relationship with Manish.. I just could not bear with it..”

Arvind is already speechless..

The friend continued “You know something Arvind… The whole of last night I was kept in the police station..”..  A fully shocked Arvind, asked his friend hurriedly..”Whattt….what happened..??”

Friend continued..

“During a closed party last night, one of our colleagues uttered some thing rubbish about Sweta.. I lost control and banged him in his face.. Bada ghadbad hogaya yaar.. Ploice were called and they took me away on charges of assault and finally left me in the morning with a warning..”

With a lot of impatience in his voice, Arvind asked..

“Oh my God..itna ghadbad hogaya yaar.. Whoz that colleague.. And why did you beat him.. What did he say about Sweta..”

Although he wad trying his best to stay cam, there was a lot of shivering in Arvind’s voice, which the friend too noticed.. The friend replied,

“Chod dena ayaar.. Forget whoever that bastard is.. But do you know what did he say.. He said, who is the husband of Sweta yaar..??.. Arvind or Manish..??.. Or Both..??.. Lagta hain Manish Sweta ke liye din mein bhayya hi aur raat mei saiyyan.. Saying so he laughed loudly..

I just couldn’t take it yaar.. Saalaa bewada kutthaa.. Bahuth bokhne lagaa.. Diyaa saalen ko jor se ek uske muh pe.. Bahuth nikhlaa taa khoon chutiya kaa..”

Arvind was frozen…

He could not understand how some one in our learned society can make such rude comments about a lady knowing pretty well that she is his colleague’s wife..

Slowly composing himself Arvind asked “Who said that..??”

“Don’t ask me who said that..??.. But ask me why did he say that and what made him say that..??.. Ask me who gave him a chance to say that..??.. Arey yaar Arvind.. Let me tell you something..

Today this idiot talked nonsense about Sweta and tomorrow hundred idiots will do the same in our absence.. How will we know that damned.. My question here is why should we give a chance to anyone to talk nonsense about us..??

Arvind was looking just pathetic…

Friend said, “Arvind, sorry to tell you but as a close friend if not I who else will tell you.. By God.. All is not fair in the relationship between Sweta and Manish yaar.. I hope you understand and let me not elaborate further..”..

Later,without much of any discussion both of them moved out.. After that, Arvind was in no mood to stay in the office and left for his home..

That night…

After their dinner.. Both Arvind and Sweta were watching Television.. After a lot of thinking and hesitation Arvind had finally spoken.. He said..”Sweta do you know what happened last night.. ??.. ”

An amused Sweta asked “What happened..??”

Arvind replied..”Our colleague Balwinder was taken to police station. He was detained there the whole night and was let off in morning..”

Sweta hurriedly asked, “But why..??”

In a low tone, Arvind replied, “He bashed up one of our colleagues for making rude comments against you..”

Sweta exploded like a bomb.. Almost shouting she said, “Sorry Arvind.. Come again.. Rude comments ..??.. That too against me..??.. Why would anyone do that..??.. Who made them and what were the comments..??..

Trying to calm her down, Arvind said..

“Forget it Sweta… In Roman mythology they say that Julius Caesar’s wife should be above reproach.. Am not Caesar nor you are Calpurnia.. But its not alone Caesar’s wife, Sweta.. Any one’s for that matter should be above reproach..Why blame..” he did not even complete..

An irritated Sweta interrupted him saying,

“Wait..Wait..Wait.. Wait a minute.. What did you say and what do you want to say.. If some idiot talks some nonsense about me and another idiot bashes him and ends up in a police station then how am I responsible for that and what is my contribution to thaaaattt .. And you start preaching me..??.. What is that you want to say and why don’t you drive it straight damned..??..”

Sweta started fretting and fuming..

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Narrenaditya Komaragiri