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“Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned” says William Congreve in his famous restoration classic “The Mourning Bride” (1697). This phrase very aptly describes the dark and negative shades some women posses. This attitude in a woman can make a hell out of heaven and a heaven out of hell. Unfortunately, Sweta was born with all such disgraceful qualities and unfortunately Arvind was one such doomed husband who married such a wild woman.What a misfortune and what a colossal tragedy.

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During their discussion that night,Sweta was not allowing Arvind to say what he wanted to say as she was fretting and fuming without leaving any room for a healthy discussion..

“What do you want to say…??? What were those rude comments and about whom were they made..?? What is your f***&^g problem..?? And why don’t you drive it straight..??” Sweta was almost screaming.

Arvind remained silent for a few seconds and later told in a low tone..”It was about your relationship with Manish..”

There was an uneasy silence between two of them for almost a minute..

Sweta was the first one to react….She came closer to Avind..Stood quietly in front of him for a while and kept looking deep into his eyes..

Later placing her right hand index finger straight on his nose, she said..”So people are talking about me and Manish and you question me about it ..Is that right Arvind..??”

Firstly,Arvind didn’t know how to react..Later moving her finger aside he said…”Its not that Sweta,it’s not my intention to hurt you nor question you,but to let you know what the society is talking about you..Please understand..Why should we give a chance to anyone to pass a rude comment against us..”

Walking backwards almost shouting, Sweta uttered in a frenzy voice..”F#^* the society and f#*$ their questioning..I care a dammmmnnn..It is the nature of the dogs to bark and let them bark..Why the hell should we respond Arvind… Am not answerable to this society nor to anyone..Is that clear..?? “

In an effort to calm her down Arvind said “Listen Sweta listen,whether we like it or not,we are living in a noble society and are living among a set of decent people..We are moving with them and sharing quite a lot of things with them..We need to maintain a decorum and honor this society and at the same time respect and obey the moral standards set by it…”

Still furious and almost going nuts,Sweta shouted”Godddamned Arvind..What nonsense are you talking man..?? What is that I have done without maintaining the decorum of this society and when did I disrespect the moral standards set by it..Are you sure you know what you are talking or are you on a drug shot damned..??”

Still trying to pacify her and convince her, Arvind said..”God forbid Sweta am not on drugs..Now please listen to me.. You are not understanding what am trying to say..Its not me who is saying that and its not me who is blaming you..I may not have any problems with your relationship with Manish..But it doesn’t mean that everyone keeps quite..I know he is your cousin but how will the the outside world know that Sweta..?? This society passes a comment even when a brother and sister go together..Don’t you know that..??”

It did not end there..

While Arvind, as a caring husband, was trying to convince her and save their relationship; Sweta, on the other hand, was mercilessly trying to shift the blame on Arvind. May be as a lady full of mindless whims and weird fancies she was planning to encash the opportunity and break their relationship or may be she was trying to prove that “Am holier than thou”.. But whatever the reason,that discussion did not end on a healthy note and went on and on and to a point of no return..

Finally,breaking her husband’s heart Sweta said..”..Now you better listen to what I say Arvind..There’s something that I have hidden from you..I wanted to hide it forever but you forced me to reveal it now..”

She paused..

A shocked Arvind remained looking at her in all eagerness to listen to what she wanted to say..

She continued “As you think Manish is not my cousin but my boyfriend whom I always wanted to marry but my parents forced me to marry you against my wishes..That’s it..Else who will marry a geekish dumb moron like you”


Arvind did not utter a word..Not that he cannot but he did not..

Next morning…

Sweta went to Bangalore and gave her version to her parents..Arvind’s parents too rushed to Bangalore.Later,along with Sweta,all of them landed in Hyderabad..

There was a big meeting in Arvind’s flat..

While everyone did the talking,the poor Arvind just remained listening to whatever they said..Unfortunately,everyone found fault with Arvind alone and bombarded him with statements like..

>“Both of you just got married..these things are common among newly married couple..Learn to adjust,later you get used to it”…

>“Women are hyper sensitive ; as men we need to understand them and handle them with care..”

>“We all had problems initially and still have some differences of opinion on some issue or the other,but we have not broken our marriages”..

But none of them uttered a word about Sweta’s unholy relationship with Manish..Arvind thought,” It’s confirmed Sweta had not told their parents about the actual problem..

He then involuntarily looked at Sweata who at that moment was checking the color of her finger nails..

For the first time

Poor Arvind thought that he was seeing a different shade of his beloved wife which he so far has not seen..An ugly shade that has a crude and cold blooded diabolic nature.But he is a man of enormous magnanimity and did not like the idea of discussing his personal problem with his elderly parents.He knows that “what appears so far today may appear so near tomorrow”

He decided to keep quite on the issue of Manish,thinking that Sweta is still young and will realize her mistake one day and they will live happily ever after..

He then signed off the whole unpleasant meeting with a simple “no issues” statement..

The next day,after blessing Arvind and Sweata,everyone left happily..

Arvind personally dropped all the elders in the air port and has seen them off with a lifeless smile…

But unfortunately none of those elders,at that point of time,knew that it was the last time they were seeing their beloved Arvind alive and they will not be seeing him again in their life time..

After that..

There was an absolute silence between Arvind and Sweta for almost a week…

Poor Arvind was still under the impression that sooner or later everything settles down and things shall still come back to normalcy in their marital life..

But all his hopes were dashed on that eventful evening when Manish called Sweta on her mobile..

It was around 8 PM..

Sweta went into their bed room,locked the door from inside and had a marathon discussion with Manish…..

My dear readers,state of the mind of that poor husband at that juncture is truly imaginable,so I will not write much about it here…

At about 9.30 pm…

Sweta came out and both of them had a quiet dinner..

After the dinner..

Arvind went into the balcony of his living room..He stood there looking at the distant city lights..He didn’t notice but Sweata came out and stood silently beside him..

Pink Sugar by Aquolina is Sweta’s favorite perfume and it is the fragrance of that perfume that has drawn the attention of Arvind towards her..Without moving much,he just turned his head and noticed that Sweta has something to say but was hesitating..

Observing her hesitation he said..”Tell me”..

After a long silence,Sweta said…”Arvind,I know how much you love me..I also know how disturbed you are with the way things are moving in our lives..But what to do..Am helpless..I love Manish a lot..I always wanted to marry him..But no one in our family endorsed our love as Manish was born to unmarried parents..What is his mistake in that..I requested my parents..They didn’t listen to me and forced me to marry you..Arvind,let us forget whatever has happened in our life so far..But I cannot live without Manish nor Manish without me..So…”

She paused..

Arvind was looking at her with bated breath…


It is then that she made that shameless indecent proposal..

“After an elaborate discussion, Me and Manish have come to this conclusion..I can still go with him but we do not want to betray you..So both me and Manish have drawn a plan of action and arrived at this proposal..I know it is a proposal difficult to digest..I know it is difficult to accept..But I also know that it is not difficult to implement it if only you cooperate…this is the only option left before you to protect your married life..”

Arvind was still silent..

Then Sweta said..”Arvind,to protect the interests of three of us let three of us stay together,live together,share everything together and lead our marital life together..Forever..When two wives and a husband can live under one roof,why can’t two husbands and a wife do that..???..What do you say..Decision is hurries..take your time..”

Later,she gently kissed him on his lips and walked into their bed room..

Oceans did not rise nor skies did open up..


Arvind was numb and frozen..

He stood there for hours..still in that balcony..still in the same position..still in all loneliness and darkness..and still observing the distant city lights….

But his mind was not there..

His thoughts were wandering.. vacillating between decision and indecision..he was trying to analyze his shameless wife’s indecent proposal..was also trying to look at the proposal from Sweta’s point of view..from the society’s point of view..from their parents” point of view..Finally,he was trying to figure out what went wrong and why only he was chosen by God for such a nasty punishment..??What is his crime..???

He was thinking and thinking and still thinking..Every nerve and nerve cell in his head started aching with an overwhelmingly stress filled thought process..there was a heavy roar in his head and ears..

The trauma,the agony,the pain were just too much for him to bear with..He suddenly found himself all alone in this world surrounded by darkness and loneliness all around..

He was talking to himself..”There is no God, no universe, no human race, no earthly life, no heaven, no hell. It is all a dream, a grotesque and foolish dream. Nothing exists but you. And you are but a thought –a vagrant thought, a useless thought, a homeless thought, wandering forlorn among the empty eternities!”..

After a lot of such debilitating storm of thoughts he very philosophically realized that it is time for his final departure..

After that it did not take much time for him to take the most painful decision of his life..A decision,God forbid,no living being on this planet should take..

For a moment..

His childhood,his school life,his life at IIT,his passions,his dreams and finally his parents appeared before him..

He did not notice but his eyes were shedding tears for a long time..

He wanted to call his parents and talk to them,once finally,but decided not to disturb them at that hour of mid night..


He slowly moved from that balcony..

Turned back and walked into his bed room..

Found his wife in a deep sleep..paused..looked at her for a while..

“Is this the face that launched thousand ships”he thought.. smiled for one last time..

Moved away..

Walked into his office room..

Took out his scribbling pad..

And wrote a..

Brief note..

That is all..

Next morning

Sweta found her husband hanging from the roof of their living room and fainted..


……………………………………Another Tragic End.………………………………..