This is the true story of a handsome software engineer, his shameless wife and her indecent proposal which finally forced this young techie to hang himself to death.. This tragic incident occurred in a place near the city of Hyderabad, India and when I read about this news, I was left speechless for a longtime later.

This incident is not only a culture shock to a very conservative Indian society but is also a lesson to many a young couple.

However,what took me by surprise is not the indecent proposal the young lady in this true life story had made to her husband but the audacity with which she made it.

Finally, this was what the young techie Arvind wrote in his suicide note

“My beloved Mama and Dad, I love my wife as much as I love you both.. I also have a strong opinion that I cannot live without her.. But she made an indecent proposal which no husband in this world can accept Dad..

I tried to convince her, but she is not ready to listen.. I have no option but to quit.. My dear Mama and Dad.. You are the most precious people to me in this world and I know both of you cannot live without me…But what to do Dad..???..

Sweta made such an indecent proposal which is difficult to live with.. Please forgive me Dad.. Forgive Sweta too.. Mama you too.. Please forgive her for she doesn’t know what she’s doing and when she comes to know she may miss me a lot..

So, please don’t blame her Mama.. Your son is an unlucky person and it’s  my fate that I have to leave the world like this.. I did all that I can and also tried to see the problem from her side.. However, Dad, I still failed to understand her..

But I want to live Dad I want to live.. I have many dreams Mama.. Planned to do a lot of things for both of you.. But what to do Dad.. There’s no other way for me now.. The pain is too much to bear with and too personal to share with any one ..

Love you so much Mama and Dad.. Please forgive me.. Please forgive Sweta too.. With an everlasting love for both of you and with prayers to God to give you peace after I depart.. Arvind.”

Arvind’s parents were hospitalized after his suicide..

And now, the true sad story begins..

But who’s Arvind..????

Arvind is a handsome looking guy working as a software engineer in a multi national company in Hyderabad.. He’s comfortable with whatever he was earning and was leading a peaceful life in his own way.

His parents are from the city of Chandigarh, India and are of the view that Arvind is an eligible bachelor and should get married immediately…

When they told him the same, he said he has no problem and requested them to find a suitable girl for him.. He also told them that “the girl should be one who can mingle with his high society life style in Hyderabad.”

Arvind’s parents started sending feelers to their friends and relatives.. After sometime, an offer came from their close friend’s family in Bangalore.. The name of the girl is Sweta and she is also a software engineer working in Bangalore.

Sweta is a gorgeous lady too and Arvind just had no reason to reject her.. After about a month and half, the marriage of Arvind and Sweta was performed in Bangalore.. Since Sweta has a job in Bangalore, quitting it and going to Hyderabad was not possible right away.

Sweta has a good academic profile too and Arvind could convince his bosses and managed to get her a suitable job in his software company in Hyderabad.. After some initial reluctance, Sweata had finally moved to Hyderabad.

On a Saturday night..

Weekend Night Partying

Arvind hosted a party in Hyderabad, inviting a few friends, and introduced Sweta to every one there..His colleagues were amazed at her beauty and were more amazed at her ease in going after Tequila shots..

Sweta exhibited a great knack in firing those Tequila shots in combination with sangrita..

She was also never hesitant in guiding first timers, in preparing a Tequila shots for them, by showing them how by adding a pinch of salt and a slice of Lemon, a Tequila shot can become more enjoyable.

Arvind observed her with all smiles and even encouraged her to do more… After the party, some of his friends openly told him “abey,kya kismatwala hain re..(how lucky you are)she is definitely a neighbor’s envy yaar..go full throttle..”.

Arvind just smiled..An over drunk Sweta is in a world of her own and was not at all displaying any sense of decency in the party..

With a great difficulty Arvind shifted her back home though she was blabbering all through the drive .. The intoxicating effect of Tequila shots was clearly evident in her behavior.

Later on this became a weekly affair and Sweta was the center of all attraction in all such weekend parties and a few ladies had even started feeling jealous of her presence in the party.. And why not when their husbands are drooling all over her..

Arvind gave her all the freedom to live life the ways she wants to.. Life was on a song for the newly married couple,

Until 8 A.M that day..

When the door bell of their posh Banjara Hills apartment rang.. Arvind went to open the door and was greeted by a handsome looking guy at the door..

“Hi, Arvind.. Am Manish from Bombay.. Is Sweta home..??”.. Arvind invited him cordially as Sweta came out..

She was surprised to see Manish and with a loud cheer “Maniissshhhh..” , she rushed to him and hugged him firmly..

Later she turned to Arvind and said ”Arvind.. Meet my cousin Manish from Mumbai.. Hez a well known fashion designer and a high flier.. Coming from Paris now.. Right Manish..??”

With a typical western accent Manish said, “Yeah Sweta.. You are right.. Coming from Paris.. Just wanted to surprise you both.. Sorry yaar Arvind.. Missed your marriage.. By the way Sweta, you have a handsome husband.. And Hez pretty hot too dear..”

Arvind was already feeling embarrassed with Mnaish’s presence and more so with his remarks about him..

And that day marked the beginning of Arvind’s endless problems and it was exactly after three months from that day and on the same date..

Man In Darkness

He committed suicide..

Continued in Penultimatum :A shameless wife,An Indecent proposal And A….


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