He who cannot appreciate the goodness of food cannot appreciate the love of Mother, melody of Nature, beauty of woman and creation of God.

Indian food, with it’s unique blend of spices, condiments and many other natural ingredients, is very popular in many parts of the world today.

Although most of these Indian delicacies are slightly spicy in their nature they are however considered irresistible, by their crazy fans, for their amazing taste and aromatic flavor.. Almost every Indian delicacy mentioned here in this list is served in several countries today, including America, Canada, China and Great Britain.

10. Samosa


This slightly hot and slightly spicy popular Indian snack,Samosa,traveled many centuries ago,from Central Asia to India..However,Samosa gathered most of it’s popularity from the Northern Indian state of Punjab…

Samosa is a  triangle shaped Maida Flour shell that is stuffed with onion,mashed boiled potato,spices,boiled tomato,green peas and green chilies..

During the cooking process,this whole portion of Maida flour shell is deep fried in vegetable oil until it turns brown in color…Now this slightly spicy Samosa is up for grabs and is served hot along with a few freshly made Indian chutnies,prepared either with mint,tamarind or coriander..

Samosa would be an ideal choice for anyone who wishes to have something in between their lunch and dinner..Almost all major Indian restaurants,all over America and Canada,serve these hot Samosas,throughout the day..

Recipe For Samosa : Please click here

9. Pani Puri

Miss Universe 2010 Jimena Navarrete of Mexico, enjoying Pani Puri in Delhi
Miss Universe 2010 Jimena Navarrete of Mexico,enjoying Pani Puri in Delhi

Pani Puri is a very popular street dish in India today.. This amazing mouth watering delicacy was born in the holy Indian city of Benares,one of the world’s oldest inhabited cities…

The vendor who sells Pani Puris keeps round shaped little puris in an aluminum container kept in front of him..Additionally,there will also be a large clay pot there,filled with cold tamarind water mixed with mint leaves and other powders made with Indian spices..

There will also be a big bowl in front of the vendor filled with a stew like stuff called Ragada made specially with mashed potato,tomato and other varieties of garden peas..

The vendor first gives a small leaf container to all the customers standing around him..Then he takes a puri into his hand; makes a hole to it; fills it up with the stew; and then dips it in the spicy cold Tamarind water in the pot and drops it in the leaf container for the customer to eat..

Here the customer is expected to gulp the whole piece of Pani Puri in one single shot..This process may sometimes trigger our tear buds,however,this is the funniest part of eating Pani Puri..

Most of the tourists who visit India make it a point to eat at least one plate of Pani Puri during their stay…

Recipe for Pani Puri : Please click here

8. Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa

Dosa is the oldest Indian food specialty that’s being served in the South Indian state of Tamilnadu since the 5th century A.D..It is also the most popular South Indian breakfast item today

A mixture of Urad Dal and rice is soaked in water for one full night…Later this mixture is ground finely until it becomes a well blended batter..Then a thin layer of this batter is spread evenly on a hot Tava (Griddle) by adding a little ghee or oil to it..Finally,an omelette like brown and yellow colored film is formed..This is called Dosa..

Masala Dosa is prepared by stuffing boiled potato curry into this Dosa at the time of frying it on the hot griddle…Later,this Masal Dosa is rolled into one piece and is served hot and crispy to it’s eagerly waiting customers..Additionally a fresh chutney,made with chopped coconut pieces,is served along with Masala Dosa..

Masala Dosa is served in all major Indian restaurants located in America and other parts of the world today..Masala Dosa stands at the 39th position in the list of World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods compiled by CNN Go in 2011..

Recipe for Masala Dosa : Please click here

7. Pulihora

Andhra Pulihora

Pulihora or tamarind rice is a very popular traditional South Indian rice delicacy…

Many South Indians consider Pulihora an auspicious food item and include it in their main menu during all the major Hindu festivals like Ugadi,Ganesh Chaturdi,Vijaya Dasami and Diwali..

Firstly,steamed rice is kept ready to which sesame seed oil,urad dal,turmeric powder,mustard powder,curry leaves,cumin seeds,green chilies,red chilies,cashew nuts,ground nuts,chilly powder and a specially made tamarind paste are added..

Later all these ingredients are thoroughly mixed with steamed rice until it turns yellow in color..This is called Pulihora..

This rare rice delicacy may not be available in all Indian restaurants in America except in select Andhra restaurants that are found all over the country..

Recipe for Pulihora : Please click here

6. Pesarattu


Slightly spicy and slightly tangy,popular south Indian breakfast item,Pesarattu is a crepe like bread in shape that originated in the Telugu speaking state of Andhra Pradesh,India..

Although it is very much similar to Dosa in preparation,there is,however, much variation in the ingredients added to it..The process involved in the preparation of Pesarattu is quite tricky and needs an expert to handle it..

Firstly,Urad Dal is soaked in water for about five hours..Later it is ground thoroughly by adding green chilies,small pieces of ginger and an equal proportion of salt to it…

Later,this batter is spread evenly on a hot non-stick pan and is fried thoroughly until it turns crispy..During the frying process a few more neatly chopped tiny pieces of onions,ginger and green chilies are evenly spread on the batter and is fried.

Once the batter turns crispy,it is rolled into a Pesarattu and is served hot to it’s customers along with two more varieties of yummy chutnies made with coconut and ginger..

Almost all major South Indian restaurants,around the world,are serving Pesarattu today..

Recipe for Pesarattu : Please click here

5.Rice Pongal

Amazing Rice Pongal With Vada And Sambar

Rice Pongal,as the name suggests,is an amazing rice delicacy that derived it’s name from a very famous South Indian harvest festival called Pongal..

Originally born in the South Indian state of Tamilnadu,Rice Pongal is a popular rice delicacy that’s being served in many countries of Asia today including Sri Lanka and Japan..

However,there are two types of Rice Pongal dishes that are equally popular in every region..While one is a sweet delicacy,made with milk,jaggery and ghee; the other one is a spicy hot dish made with rice,split yellow urad dal,cashew nuts,cumin seeds,fully chopped ginger,curry leaves and oil..

To prepare the second variety of Rice Pongal – which is normally the most preferred variety during most of the Hindu festivals – a mixture of rice and dal are cooked separately in a pressure cooker..

Then the remaining ingredients are fried in oil and ghee ..Finally these well fried ingredients are poured over the cooked rice and are mixed thoroughly..Now the hot and spicy Rice Pongal is ready to be served along with great chutnies made mostly with coconut,tomato or ginger..

Rice Pongal is served in almost all the South Indian restaurants  across the world today..

Recipe fo Rice Pongal : Please click here

4. Kheer or Payasam


The entire discussion so far here,in this list,has all been about hot and spicy Indian delicacies but here’s one amazing sweet delicacy that’s called Kheer or Payasam..Payasam is something like a rice pudding served in many western nations..

Payasam is the Telugu usage of Hindi language word Kheer which again has originated from the Sanskrit word Ksheer which means milk..Payasam or Kheer is a very popular traditional sweet delicacy today that’s being served for many centuries during festivals in almost all the countries of south Asia..

Kheer or Payasam have many varieties of them in usage today,with many different names,but primarily Payasam is prepared with rice,milk,sugar,saffron,cashew nuts,cardamom,almonds,pistachios and raisins..

Occasionally vermicelli is used instead of rice,during the preparation of Kheer,in some of the Muslim festivals like Ramadan..However,all the other ingredients remain the same…

Recipe for Payasam : Please click here

3. Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken

This globally popular non-vegetarian Indian food specialty called Tandoori Chicken originated in a Punjabi restaurant in Peshawar (now in Pakistan),which was once an integral part of an undivided India..

In an effort to attract more customers,Kundan Lal Gujral,the owner of this Punjabi restaurant started roasting the whole bird of dressed Chicken in what is called a Tandoor (clay oven).. Tandoor is what the local Punjabis use to prepare their daily bread,Naan..

This experiment of Gujral was an instant success all over Punjab those days and received compliments from many personalities including the prime minister of India,Mr.Jawahar Lal Nehru..

Later,the much impressed Nehru made Tandoori Chicken an official dish in the prime minister’s office to be served to all the foreign dignitaries who visited India during his tenure as prime minister of India..

It was reported that two of America’s most popular presidents,John F Kennedy and Richard Nixon,were very much pleased with the taste of the Tandoori chicken..

Tandoori Chicken is one full bird of neatly dressed Chicken that is first marinated in yogurt..Later it is seasoned in a spicy Indian masala and then is roasted deep in Tandoor at a very high temperature..

Later,this Tandoori Chicken,that is highly nutritional in it’s values,is served to it’s customers along with chopped onion,sliced lime,green salad and a yummy chutney made with Mint leaves..

Recipe for Tandoori Chicken : Please click here

2. Biryani

Hyderabadi Biryani

Amazing Indian food specialty,Biryani is one of the oldest and the most popular rice delicacies that’s being served,today,in entire South Asia and many other parts of the world..

Although,born in the kitchens of Persia,Biryani,gained most of it’s popularity in India during the Mughal rule…Biryanii is mainly prepared with a special type of rice called Basmati Rice…

Other main ingredients include cinnamon,cardamom,ginger,mint,nutmeg, pepper,cloves,onion and garlic..To serve it as a non-vegetarian dish,some people may add red meat or chicken or egg or Fish to Biryani rice during the preparation process..

Although there are quite a few varieties of Biryani available in the market today,the most preferred choice of many of the customers everywhere in the world is undoubtedly the Hyderabadi Biryani..

With this amazing popularity all over the world today,the Hyderabadi Biryani is due to get it’s Geographical Indication status shortly..

This amazing Indian food specialty is also available in many parts of America, Canada and Great Britain..Any variety of Biryani is served along with chopped onion,sliced lime and a special gravy called Mirchi Ka Salan..

Recipe for Hyderabadi Biryani : Please click here 

1. Hyderabadi Haleem


Haleem is a non vegetarian Indian food delicacy that originated,several centuries ago,in the kitchens of the royal palaces of Saudi Arabia..

When some of these cooks moved out of Saudi Arabia,to serve in the palaces of the Nizam Of Hyderabad,Haleem made it’s entry into the kitchens of the common man of Hyderabad and attained it’s now globally popular name – the Hyderabadi Haleem..

Hyderabadi Haleem is made with pounded meat,to which other ingredients like pure ghee, milk,lentils,cashew nuts,almonds,pistachios; spices and other natural ingredients like saffron and turmeric are added..

However,Hyderabadi Haleem is served only during the Muslim month of holy Ramadan..According to the available statistics,the combined business of Hyderabadi Haleem during it’s one month of business in 2012 was  a whopping hundred million dollars..

Hyderabadi Haleem is prepared only in Hyderabad but is exported to more than fifty countries every season,including America,Canada and Great Britain..In 2010,due to it’s growing popularity and demand all over the world,Hyderabadi Haleem has been granted the G I tag status ..

Recipe for Hyderabadi Haleem : Please click here


Most of the Indian food specialties mentioned here in this list are based on my perception of their popularity and demand in the world market today..However,some of you may differ either with the choice of foods I have presented in this list or with the order they are presented here..

Well,as we all know,every foodie may not relish the same pudding and every reader may not like the same book..




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