It was a very bright and sunny day..

On the 06th Jan of 2016, when I and my sister decided to step out of the house for a brunch. We decided to try something new in Bangalore and ended up in a mall with a restaurant. It was my first experience to walk into a restaurant that has no menu card, has no access to mobiles, watch, belt, wallet or anything that glows.

Little did I know that this day is going to change my life forever.. I was asked to make the payment at the billing counter even without knowing what would be the menu and what cuisine. I took a pause and wondered if I should really try this style of brunch or not.

And then with all the courage I shared my card and made payment, and then I was offered with a pair of keys by which I can lock all my valuables in a locker.. Next to it was a door that I have to get to, to know what is awaiting for me and my sister.

Fortunately, the minute I opened the door, there was someone to hold my hand to guide me as the place was pitch dark and my sister held my shoulders and followed me.. I moved in without knowing to where and without any sight ahead of me.

And I was asked to rest on a chair that had a table in front of it and my sister was seated on a chair beside me. There comes this person again with a box and offered it to us saying, ‘please have your meal’!.. Not a clue I had about what was in the plate and I had to guess it by the tastes.

I and my sister stated to giggle and taste the food, and we were speaking to each other. Then the person offered some water and sat to the opposite of the table and started a conversation..

She introduced herself as Anny and she checked about my whereabouts, what my hobbies are, what am passionate about and so on. Though I was least interested, for the matter of courtesy, I asked her about her whereabouts and the talks so went on. In between I and my sister were talking about our personal things.

In the midst of these conversations, my mind was also concentrating on what is getting into my mouth. Aw! It’s some yummy chicken soup, salads, guava juice and so on. Within 10 minutes I was full and felt I have had one of the healthiest meals.

With a feeling of contentment for the money spent, I decided to walk to a place that has some light.. Anny helped me to get back to the entrance door and we both stepped out to the light finally.

With a feel of bit relief I turned to Anny to thank and received the shock of my life.. I noticed that Anne is always in dark as she had lost her sight 3 years ago in an accident. With just a smile she thanked us for spending some time with her.

As we were already out of the restaurant, there was very less chance to speak anything further to Anny. I and my sister thanked her for the day with a hand-shake and she left.We both stood there silently wondering what to do as we both had the same thought of just relaxing somewhere peacefully.

All we wanted for some time for ourselves to recollect everything that we went through in that short span of time. So we left the mall and made our way to a close by park, took a bench and sat. Then both were lost in our independent thoughts wondering what we went through.

Finally I and my sister looked at each other and I told her, “how lucky we are! It’s true that we are very lucky to see all the beauty around us amongst the midst of people who have lost their sight and who have never had any sight in their life.

We always crib about so many things that we do not have in our life but are failing to understand and appreciate what we have.This whole brunch experience changed our mindset towards life. We were happy that at least we were able to contribute something to those people by ways of support.”..



To understand more about the restaurant and people there, we Google searched and figured that all the staff in that restaurant are blind except the receptionist and the cooks.. The restaurant is created with the concept of letting the world know how small life is and how easily everything can change in our life.

It helps us realize how essential it is to love what we have and live happily with the same. Just imagine you crossing the road or going to a supermarket, in case of any emergencies you want even be confident to rush fatly to get this done.

This restaurant helped me and my sister to learn how to feel the world around us with the help of touch, smell and taste. When we both stepped out of the restaurant we had a mixed feeling of emotions, fun, learning and adventure.

But it will never be this interesting when you are forced to live such a life.. And then to my surprise, my sister took me and my husband to the same restaurant for my birthday and I was happy to such an experience with my husband.

Moral of the story

Thank God for all the blessing you have and learn to see the world other person’s shoe. This way you will be able to appreciate everything that you have in you are life and will be easy to feel content with what you have. Feel privileged for all the blessings that are showered on you as there are lot of people in this world, who are crafting a great life with lot of limitations.


A Writer From Bangalore