Sometime during 1954-55,Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru,the first and the most distinguished Prime Minister of India,went on an official visit to the newly formed state of Andhra Pradesh…

Jawahar Lal Nehru

During his stay in the state capital city of Hyderabad,the Honorable Prime Minister was taken around the city by a few designated officials of the Andhra Pradesh state government…

The Prime Minister was shown some of the most prominent places that were there,those days,in and around the three hundred and fifty year old historic city of Hyderabad..

During the whole process,the Honorable Prime Minister was also taken to India’s renowned Institute Of Mental Health,located in the Erragadda area of Hyderabad…

This institute was first established in Jalna,Maharashtra in 1895 and was known as Darul Majanine (Mental Asylum)…It was then renamed as the Hospital for Mental Diseases,Jalna…Thereafter,this institute was shifted to Hyderabad in 1953…

Explaining the Honorable Prime Minister every aspect of the treatment that’s given at the premier institute,Dr.Neeraj Deo,the first superintendent of the institute, accompanied the Prime Minister to each and every block he personally visited..

Finally,the Prime Minister was taken to an in-patient ward,in the institute, where-in some of the most chronic patients of mental illness are treated…

Very casually passing through the beds of every patient in the ward,Nehru stopped at the bed side of a middle aged mentally challenged man who,at that point of time,was giving very weird looks at Nehru..

A curious Nehru,smiling at the Patient,said..”..Hi..”

And this is finally the great conversation that later took place between Nehru and that mentally challenged Patient..

Nehru – Hi..


Nehru – Hiiiiiiiii

Without giving any response to the Prime Minister,the Patient was just throwing some vacant looks at Nehru..

Now waving his right hand at him as a gesture of saying “Hi”..

Nehru said – Hi,I’m Jawahar Lal Nehru..


Nehru – Hiiiiii…I’m Jawahar Lal Nehru,Prime Minister of India..

At this point,the Patient very hurriedly looking around,said – Ssssssssshhhhh

A confused Nehru asked – What..??

Patient – Don’t say that loudly…

Now a more puzzled Nehru asked- But why..??

Patient,now putting his right index finger on his lips,waved his left hand at Nehru asking Nehru to come closer to him as though he wants to whisper something in the Prime Minister’s ears..

Though slightly embarrassed with the patient’s gesture,the Prime Minister still went very close to the patient and asked him..

Nehru – What..??

Patient – Sshhh…Don’t shout..Fold your hands..Finger on lips..Be silent..

With more curiosity now growing in his mind,Nehru said – Ohkkkay…But I am Jawahar Lal Nehru,Prime Minister Of Indiaaaaaaaa…

The Patient,now displaying tremendous restlessness,very anxiously said – Ssshhh…Don’t shout I say…You are not getting my point…I told you not to say that loudly…Okkaayyy..??

A fully surprised Honorable Prime Minister Of India,looking very embarrassingly at everyone standing around him,finally asked the Patient in a low whispering tone – Ohkkkaaayyy …But whyyyyyyyyyyyyy..???

Patient – When I said the same thing outside,they have thrown me inside …