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God alone knows what prompted John Gray say “Men are from Mars,Women are from Venus”,however,it’s not alone  the case here since there are many more funny differences between men and women that have actually laid a very interesting foundation to an amazing study on this topic all around  the world..

While some of those differences between men and women are amazing to know, some are funny to read and some are..well.. you are wiser and can judge better …

All in all,this feature on differences between men and women is based on many studies conducted by many news magazines all over the world and I’m only trying to give you all some fun by presenting them here..

Differences Between Men And Women : A Few Funny Ones

>Most often men start a conversation and women finish it..

>There is no possibility of a woman admitting her mistake,however,the last man who admitted his mistake was the one who created women..

>Women look great in hats whereas men look like ring masters in a circus show..

>If you tell a woman you purchased a new car she will immediately ask you “what’s the color of the car..??..”..Tell the same thing to a man and he will ask you “what sort it is”..

>Seek an explanation from a man on any topic under the sky and he will do that,at the most,in a sentence ..And now ask a woman-“what’s the capital of your country..” you will get the reply in paragraphs..

>If you are lost in a street and ask a woman to guide you somewhere,she will give you directions via shops..And if you ask a man,he will give you directions via pubs..

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Sources :

1)Based on opinions collected by B B C in and around United Kingdom
2)Study published in U.S. News And World Report..
3)A Study Of University Of Michigan
4)David Buss,Ph.D.psychologist,University Of Michigan
5)Survey conducted by R.H .Buskin Market Research and Speigel

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