An Amazing And Happy Couple

Some where in midtown Mumbai there’s a posh locality meant for the living of only aristocratic families.It’s perhaps the only locality in the most popular city of India where there are many independent houses and a very few apartment buildings..

Meridian Towers is one such apartment complex in that locality that houses the families of the rich and the famous personalities of Mumbai.And it is in these apartments that our beloved Ramakanth Joglekar and his wife Bhavana Joglekar are living…

However,it’s not important here to know what exactly Ramakanth and his wife Bhavana do for their living but it is definitely important to know what made them the central point of this story.

Ramakanth is about sixty years of age and Bhavana about fifty seven…They do everything to make their lives happy and it is again not relevant here to know more about their other family members because it’s only the cute couple of Ramakanth and Bhavana that live in that posh five bed room apartment where our story is now taking place.

Ramakanth and Bhavana have a very long and successful love marriage that is about thirty five years old now…Their love story may not be as intense as Sohni-Mahiwal or Shajahan and Mumtaz but they strongly believe that they have a better and more powerful love story to narrate to the world if only the world is willing to pay some attention to them.

They still spend a lot of time together and still believe in squeezing maximum juices out of life.With a wide collection of world’s most popular and rich varieties of Red Wine,the lovely middle aged couple of Ramakanth and Bhavana take pride in throwing lavish parties to their other aristocratic friends,often.

Life is on a song for the lovely couple until Ramakanth gradually started noticing a problem in his wife that really kept bothering him a lot .However,his abundant love for his wife did not allow him to discuss it with her.But at the same time he cannot remain ignorant of the problem and some how wants his wife to overcome that problem at the earliest.He had spent many sleepless nights unable to know what to do.

A Romantic Couple In The Evening

Then one fine morning Ramakanth personally visited Dr.Jayavanth Divakar,an ENT Surgeon practicing in Linking Road,Santa Cruz, Mumbai.

He told the doctor..”Doc, I have a doubt for the last couple of months that my wife is going deaf day by day.But I cannot discuss the problem with her as it may be very embarrassing for her to accept it..So what do you want me to do..Please help..”

Doctor smiled and said “It’s only your doubt that she is developing deafness but you are not sure that she is deaf..So conduct a small test..When she is working in the kitchen tomorrow ask her a question “What curry are you cooking for lunch today”..

“..First you stand at a thirty feet distance from her and put this question in a low tone.. Then reduce the distance by five feet and move slightly closer to her and put the same question from twenty five feet distance and then from twenty feet distance and so on..Like that keep decreasing five feet every time and repeat the question..”

“..Remember,the tone when you put the question should be in normal conversational level and not more than that..Let me know at what distance you got the reply from her and then we will be able to know how severe her deafness is and what line of treatment should be adopted..Don’t worry I will take care of it..”

Next morning Bhavana was busy in the kitchen preparing food items for the day.Ramakanth thought “it’s the right time to perform the test on her.”

He went into their master bed room;stood in the utmost corner of the room which is more than thirty feet from Bhavana and asked her in a normal tone.. “Sweetheart,what’s cooking up for lunch..”..

No reply from Bhavana..

A shocked Ramakanth reduced the distance and put the same question from about twenty five feet now..No reply again as Bhavana was busy frying something on the pan..

Great Quote On Love

A heart broken Ramakanth repeated the question from twenty feet and then from fifteen feet and again from ten feet but was not getting any reply from his beloved wife.Without even lifting her head she was busy with her cooking operation.

Finally Ramakanth,who is now almost in tears for his beloved wife,moved very close to her and asked the same question from less than a five feet distance “Sweetheart,what’s cooking up for lunch..”..

Watching her beloved husband standing almost next to her Bhavana turned to him and said “It’s Deep Onion Fried Chicken curry Sweetheart..But why are you asking the same question so many times..First you asked me from the corner of our bed room “Sweetheart,what’s cooking up for lunch..”..I said ” Deep Onion Fried Chicken curry..”..

“..Then you came to our wardrobe and asked the same question and again I replied..Then you repeated the same question standing near our double cot,then from our dressing table,then standing at the entrance of our bedroom and then from our dining table and now finally standing so close to me you are asking the same question “Sweetheart what’s cooking up for lunch..”..”It’s your favorite Deep Onion Fried Chicken Curry sweetheart,but now tell me what’s wrong with you..”

“..Why are you acting so funny..Why are you asking the same question so many times..Is everything fine with you or is there any problem..Why don’t you get checked up once..There is a very good ENT specialist by name Dr.Jayavanth Divakar in Linking Road,Santa Cruz..His wife is my childhood friend..Shall I take his appointment tomorrow..You are sixty sweetheart and therez nothing wrong in getting checked up once..”


Am not sure about the origin of this story but am given to understand that it’s a true story…I have only reported,in my own style and narration,what I have read half a decade ago hence cannot say this is my original story..




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