With over one billion active users today,Facebook is an unstoppable social storm that’s racing across continents,countries,colonies and even through small territories and hamlets.In our world of digital technology today you may come across a person without a proper shirt but it’s hard to find one without an active Facebook account..There was a similar situation,once,when a person without an Email Id was laughed at and today it is the same with the one who doesn’t have a Facebook user Id.

With a whopping 182 million users,as on 31st march,2014,the United States Of America tops the overall list of Facebook users followed by India with a 100 million users,Brazil with 83 million users,Indonesia with 65 million users and Mexico with 49 million Facebook users..This statistical data may sound unbelievable but it’s an amazing fact the critics all around the world are currently cribbing about.

More importantly Facebook is an addiction for some of it’s users,for some it’s a useful business promotion tool and for many people it’s a perfect antidote to their existential loneliness.

In the given scenario it’s not only difficult to imagine our world without Facebook, but it’s also difficult to imagine our living without Facebook..


Here Are Some Popular Facebook Facts Most Of Us Know

>The popular social networking site Facebook Inc derived its name from Facebook, a directory that is found in American Universities. This directory is like a reference book for many and consists of photographs of the staff, faculty and students with their brief bio data mentioned in it.

Mark Zuckerberg Having Fun With His Harvard Friends

>In 2003 five students of Harvard University Mark Zuckerberg, Edurado Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, Andrew McCollum and Chris Hughes created a website called Facemash. Mark Zuckerberg, fondly called “Zuck” by his other friends, was a second year student in the university and wrote the software for this website. Later after many twists and turns and ups and downs the same crazy five gang created a social networking revolution website that is popularly known as Facebook today.

>Before opening Facebook it was planned by the team to open a social networking site for high school students called facebookhigh.com. But this idea bombed very badly..

>Originally Facebook was known as thefacebook.com but later Mark Zuckerberg purchased the domain name facebook.com for $2,00,000..

Here Are Some Amazing Facebook Facts Most Of Us Do Not Know

>When Facebook introduced the “News Feed” feature the first reaction it received was “Turn this shit off”

>The average age of a Facebook employee today is thirty one..

>As the CEO of Facebook “Zuck” enjoys sixty percent of voting power in Facebook today..

>The engineers at the Facebook initially wanted to name the “Like” button “Awesome”

>Initially Facebook bosses decided to name it’s ad product “AdSeeds”  in line with Google’s AdSense but for some unknown reasons they later dropped this idea.

>When Facebook was going through a desperate situation in 2004, Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Inc saved today’s world number one social networking site by offering it a lucrative ad deal..

Dignitaries Waiting For Steve Jobs At WWDC,2008

The Worldwide Developers Conference is a conference held every year by Apple Inc in California. Steve Jobs wanted Facebook to present it’s new iPhone application at the 2008 WWDC. Steve expected Mark to do the presentation but instead Mark has sent a marketing manager and an engineer to do the job.Upset with their bad audition Steve Jobs had to cancel the presentation that year.

>In 2005,many of the employees and Mark Zuckerberg’ colleagues at Facebook strongly felt that “Zuck” should be replaced by a better person as their CEO. It is then that he took some serious ” CEO lessons ” from an authority on the topic.

>A Taiwanese guy by name Steve Chen worked for a few weeks with Facebook in 2005 and left it as he wanted to start something of his own. But that time this guy never knew that his decision will create a technological revolution in the digital age. This 27 year old ex PayPal employee joined hands with his other PayPal colleagues Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim and founded the path breaking site that is more popularly known as You Tube today.

>In 2006 Mark Zuckerberg was very impressed with a funny guy called Chris Putnam and hired him for a crucial position in Facebook. Wanna know what this guy did.. ?? He was such a genius, he hacked Facebook site and created thousands of profiles that were meant to look like MySpace profiles. Instead of getting upset with this whiz kid’s misdeed “Zuck” hired him.

>But, quite surprisingly, the current employees of Facebook feel that their CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s best talent lies not in hiring people but in firing people.

>Some time ago, Steve Ballmer, the current C E O of Microsoft who ranks nineteenth in the Forbes 400 list today, wanted to buy Facebook outright but remained contented by investing $240 million when his offer to buy Facebook was rejected by Mark Zuckerberg and team.

>In 2006 Mark Zuckerberg opened Facebook to workplace networks but surprisingly nobody in USA noticed it. That time Yahoo came up with an offer of $1.4 billion to buy Facebook. “Zuck” was initially tempted to accept the billion dollar deal but could somehow overcome his temptation and finally rejected the offer. Though Business Week termed this rejection as one of the “biggest failed mergers” in the history, it still made Mark Zuckerberg a man worth of twenty four billion dollars today.

>Since they hold rights to some social networking patent, Reid Hoffman, the founder of LimkedIn  and Mark Pincus, founder of  Zynga own a reasonable stake in Facebook today.

>Very few people know that a Russian holding firm, DST holds a great stock in Facebook. It is so because Peter Thiel of Angel Investor, Facebook’s first outside investor, sold half of his stock in 2009 to this Russian holding firm.

>Apple Inc’s veteran Bud Colligan, former Yahoo Inc executive Ellen Siminoff and former Open Table CEO Jeff Jordan were all interviewed for the post of Chief Operations Officer of Facebook in 2007. But it was finally bagged by Sheryl Sandberg who was formerly vice president of Global Online Operations and Sales at Google Inc. Mark Zuckerberg was very much impressed with this lady when he first met her in a 2007 Christmas party hosted by Dan Rosensweig who was then the chief operating officer (COO) of Yahoo Inc. Sheryl is one of the active directors on the Facebook board today. Period.

>Accel partner Jim Breyer invested $12.7 million in Facebook in 2005. After this investment from Jim Breyer, the initial founders of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Sean Parker and Dustin Moscovitz took a million dollar bonus each.

>Exactly one day after taking the one million dollar bonus, Mark Zuckerberg went to a gas station where a crazy guy, with a pistol in his hand, jumped over him and tried to cause some serious damage. Screaming loudly a fully terrified Zuck jumped into his SUV and zoomed off.

>After being arrested on cocaine related charges in North Carolina, Sean Parker, the co-founder and the then president of Facebook was sent out by Accel Partners who were the principal share holders in Facebook those days.

>With an estimated value of $18.7 million there is also an Indian share holder in Facebook by name Divya Narendra. Though he holds only .022 percent stake in Facebook today, he is already worth the above mentioned figure with that miniature stake. On some copyright issue he waged a prolonged legal battle with Facebook which, as he claims, helped him pursue a career in jurisprudence.

Mark Zuckerberg Kissing His Wife Wife Priscilla Chan
Mark Zuckerberg Kissing His Future Wife Wife Priscilla Chan In Front Of Oprah Winfrey Camera Crew In 2010

>Mark Zuckerberg met his future wife Priscilla Chan, a Chinese, in Harvard University. Before their marriage they lived together in a sparsely furnished rented home in Palo Alto, California. In 2010, when Oprah Winfrey decided to do a talk show with Zuck he allowed her entire crew with cameras into his house. Mark Zuckerberg kissed his then girl friend Priscilla Chan in front of all the giggling crew that day. That time he revealed to the crew that he practices Chinese language every morning at the kitchen table as part of his preparation for his future Honeymoon in China. Period.

>Initially Mark Zuckerberg was not in favor of adding photo sharing feature to Facebook but Sean Parker convinced “Zuck” about it and photo sharing is the most popular feature on Facebook today. Cartoon Cat was the first photo uploaded to Facebook followed by photos of socializing girls.

>Caterina Fake, the co founder of Flickr and Hunch could not open a Facebook account because of the word “Fake” in her last name. Facebook thought it’s a fake name and refused to allow her to create an account.

>Currently there is an official “Facebook Phone” in Asia.

>There was a redesign of Facebook in 2008 that made every digital giant in the Silicon Valley unhappy. In a protest Dell CEO Michael Dell too joined a group called “Petition Against New Facebook”. Period

>Facebook can never come to any understanding with Google anytime in future for any form of acquisition or for any other business understanding since Microsoft, a major partner in Facebook since 2007, will not allow it’s arch rival Google to have any say whatsoever in any of the affairs of Facebook. It’s an irrevocable unwritten understanding between Facebook and Microsoft with which Google shall forever be unhappy. In an effort to break the supremacy of Facebook in social network market Google created Google+ and you all know how it is faring today.

>Finally, according to Facebook’s co-founder Dustin Moscovitz, Facebook is planning to come up with an ad network in future just on the lines of their revolutionary social networking site called facebook.com


According to a study conducted,in July,2012,by the University Of Wisconsin School Of Medicine And Public Health,Facebook,as is feared by many,doesn’t cause any depression…The study further suggests that it is unnecessarily alarming to advise the parents or patients about the risk of “Facebook Depression” which, many critics feel,is caused by the excessive usage of this popular social networking site. The study has also found that 70% of Facebook users today are adolescents..

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Article Source -The Facebook Effect :The Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting the World By David Kirkpatrick 

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