Quotes On Rape“Sir,with utmost difficulty we chase and catch hold of such hardcore criminals and later we very sincerely produce them in the court of law only to find them walking out with a bail and enjoying their freedom again ..It’s still fine if that’s in case of extremists or even terrorists of severe diabolic nature..However sir, to hand over these two dirty bastards to the court of law now,I think,is extremely unfair sir..Just look at what these two bloody crooks have done to those two poor innocent college girls sir..”

“Sir,one of those two girls is already dead and the second girl is battling her life in the M G M hospital now.. Doctors say her condition is very critical..Even though she survives tomorrow,they say,she may still have to lead the rest of her life with a disgraced image and a disfigured face.. Sir,what is these innocent girls’ crime and why should they be punished in such an atrocious fashion..??..”

“Sir,we may,as part of our duty tomorrow,will handover these bastards to the court of law and then you know what’s going to happen to them..Since it’s a bailable offence in the books of law,the court will very easily grant them bail and allow these rascals to walk out free and encourage them to commit the same heinous crime again and again..Do you think this is the right justice sir..Please tell me how many innocent girls should succumb their lives to such bastardly acts sir..??..”

“Sir,am sorry to ask you..Are we prepared to face a similar situation in our life if this happens to your daughter or my sister tomorrow sir…?? As protectors of law do you think we should allow such heinous crimes to occur in our society again and again..?? Can’t we prevent them..?? Is it not unfair to allow these dirty bastards to go out unpunished tomorrow..?? ..”

“Sir, if you listen to me,I have a plan sir..Please approve it and allow me to do what I want to do..Please sir..”

That was Ravinder Reddy,a young and valiant police officer in an elaborate conversation,on the night of 8th December,2008,with his boss the Superintendent Of Poloce,Warangal District,Andhra Pradesh…

It was around 10 pm that day..

Only Ravinder Reddy and his boss were there in that S.P’s chamber at that time..

The S.P asked his subordinate to go ahead and explain his plan..

Starting in a low tone,the brave and the honest police officer Ravinder Reddy explained his boss in detail about his plan of action..

To say the least,the S.P was shocked with his subordinate’s plan..

Recommendations To Victims Of RapeThe S.P knows pretty well how dangerous his subordinate’s plan is and also knows pretty well that in the event of his approval of the proposed plan,he may have to face a very stringent action from his higher authorities in the department that may include not only his expulsion from the department but also his imprisonment in jail..

However,keeping in view the safety of all women in the country,the honest and the sincere police superintendent decided to go ahead with his subordinate’s plan despite the risk involved in it and took,perhaps,the boldest decision of his life by approving it immediately..

With a large smile appearing on his face,a much relieved young police officer, Ravinder Reddy,stood in attention,saluted his boss and waked out on his mission..

But Who Are Those Two Criminals And What Is Their Crime..??

Exactly twenty nine hours prior to this conversation,two young and beautiful engineering college girls by names Swathi and Priyanka were returning to their respective homes,on their bike,after attending their college that day..

At the same time two nameless and shameless bastards chased the two innocent girls on their Hero Honda bike and before the poor girls could realize what was happening to them,the bastards have thrown highly concentrated Sulphuric acid on the two hapless young girls’ faces and fled away from the scene..

What a diabolically gruesome bastardly act..??

Those who were there on the road at that time were shocked with the inhuman act and before they could swing into any rearguard action,the two poor girls with their faces fully burnt,were already rolling on the road crying loudly ..One of the two girls unfortunately lost her vision immediately and the second girl became unconscious after some time..

They were immediately rushed to the nearby M G M hospital..While one girl,unable to bear with the trauma and pain,died on the way to the hospital,the other girl was immediately attended by the hospital staff..

Agitation Against Sexual ViolenceWithin no time the sensational news spread like a wild fire all over the state of Andhra Pradesh and there was an instant outburst of anger in the entire state with many social activists,more particularly women activists,taking on to the roads immediately condemning the bastardly act ..The Andhra Pradesh state government too took the heinous crime very seriously and ordered the Warangal district police to nab the two criminals within the next twenty four hours or face immediate suspension from services..

It was then..

Ravinder Reddy,the young and a valiant police officer of the Warangal district police swung into immediate action..His blood was boiling with fire as he was unable to bear with the trauma the two young girls were forcibly thrust upon..

With a relentless effort and a well worked out strategy,he launched a massive manhunt for the two criminals and nabbed them much before the deadline set by his bosses..Later he held them both by their shirt collars,kicked them on their butts and mercilessly thrown them into the police lockup..

With his gang of policemen extending complete support,Ravinder Reddy had beaten them black and blue and later ordered his policemen not to allow any visitors or friends to see them or meet them..

He then went straight to the district police head quarters to officially report the arrest of the two most wanted criminals to his boss,the Superintendent Of Police,Warangal District,Andhra Pradesh…

It was during that briefing,the young police officer proposed the above plan of action..


Victim Of RapeRavinder Reddy,after obtaining the much needed approval from his boss, headed straight to his area police station,where the two criminals were locked up,and called for an emergency meeting of his close subordinates..He briefed them about his plan of action and assigned appropriate duties to each one of them..Looking at his terribly shocked and speechless subordinates,Ravinder Reddy asked them to take rest for that night and report again to their duty the next morning at 5 a.m…Later Ravinder Reddy asked his police station’s night duty staff to offer dinner to the two hardcore criminals moaning with pain in the lockup..

After that he left for his home..

He had a quiet dinner at home and retired immediately to his bed with a silent prayer to God seeking his permission for the most crucial operation he’s going to take up the next morning..

Next morning at exactly 5 a.m..

Ravinder Reddy and all his chosen policemen gathered at the police station.. Ravinder Reddy once finally briefed his subordinates about the operation..

Later while all the policemen walked out and sat in their police jeep,Ravinder Reddy slowly walked into the lockup room where the two criminals were locked up..

With fear popping out of their eyes the two criminals looked up at Ravinder Reddy pleading him for some mercy..Without any expression in his face Ravinder Reddy just grabbed the two criminals with both his hands ; pulled them out of the lockup and later picked each one of them separately and kicked them into the waiting police jeep..

The police men sitting in the jeep immediately cordoned off the two criminals.. With a signal from Ravinder Reddy the jeep driver started the jeep and it immediately left the police station and raced towards the nearby protected Mulugu forest area..

Since it was a chilly winter morning,there was hardly any one there to notice anything that’s happening on the road..And that was exactly what Ravinder Reddy wanted..After traveling for about an hour deep into the Mulugu forest area,the police jeep stopped at a selected point there..

Ravinder Reddy very roughly pulled the two criminals out of the jeep and dumped them on the nasty floor..Without uttering a word he went about kicking them right,left,centre and wherever he wanted and later halted for a few minutes asking his other policemen to continue with the kicking sport..

Victim Of AbuseAfter some more bashing up,Ravinder Reddy mercilessly pulled up the two heavily bleeding criminals and said “..What do you think of yourselves bloody bastards..How can you force a girl to fall in love with you damned..If you love a girl it doesn’t mean that she too should love you rascals..Don’t you know you dirty poker faced jokers,that every girl will have her own taste and will have her own choice..”

As all the policemen were watching their boss in total silence,Ravinder Reddy continued..

“Abey idiots,as men we should value and respect the views of every girl ..If any girl doesn’t like you she doesn’t like you..Simple..You cannot pressurize her and force her to fall in love with you..Right..?? If every boy decides to throw acid on every girl that refuses to accept his proposal then what will happen to all the girls in this world,you dirty criminal bastards..”

The two criminals have no word to say as they were already shivering with the fear of  some unforeseen doom..With their minds filled with millions of doubts they started smelling something fishy..Their mouths were going dry..They begged for some water which was promptly offered..

Later on receiving signal from Ravinder Reddy,a police constable took out a bottle filled with concentrated Sulphuric acid..He opened it carefully and before the two criminals could realize what was happening to them the police constable in a fit of rage had mercilessly thrown the acid on their faces..

The whole of the dense forest area echoed with the pain filled cries of the two criminals..Covering their faces fully with both their hands,they started rolling on the floor with unbearable heat and burning in their faces that were already losing their flesh..Both of them lost their vision as the powerful acid pierced through their retina..

Holding their hair tightly with his fist,Ravinder Reddy lifted them up and asked them to run away from the police group..That confused the two criminal further and they stood there dumb with blank looks..

Now with a louder voice,Ravinder Reddy shouted at them to run..Without hesitating for a moment the weeping blind criminals started running zigzag deep into the forest..

Watching them quietly,Ravinder Reddy waited for a few seconds..Later he removed his service revolver from his holster,lifted it up and fired one bullet into the air first..Later he turned the revolver towards the running criminals and fired five bullets in a row into their backs..

Screaming loudly with excruciating pain,the two criminals tumbled on to the floor weeping.. Ravinder Reddy and all his policemen slowly went to them and sat beside them on their knees..With the skin on their faces burnt fully black, both the criminals were bleeding very badly and begged for water and this time their request  was mercilessly turned down…

For a very long time the two criminals kept weeping loudly,screaming badly, screeching with pain and with suffering..That agony filled painful saga continued for more than an hour after which both the inhuman criminals breathed their last..


To Light A Candle In Honor Of The Rape VictimsNext day,addressing scores of media journalists gathered in his fully packed media conference chamber in Hyderabad,the Director General Of Police,Andhra Pradesh said..”..As we all know the two criminals have thrown acid on the two innocent young girls in Warangal district a couple of days ago.. Those two innocent girls refused the proposal of love from the two accused..The injuries caused to the girls were very grievous in nature and unfortunately one of the two girls succumbed to those burn injuries the same day..The second girl is now battling her life in an expensive corporate hospital in Hyderabad..The government however will bear with all the expenditure until she regains complete normalcy ..The Home ministry of Andhra Pradesh took this heinous crime very seriously and nabbed the criminals within twenty four hours..”

“After nabbing the two criminals,the Warangal police were conducting a routine inquiry and as part of that inquiry our officer Ravinder Reddy along with his team of policemen took the two criminals to the Mulugu forest area to know where the criminals have hidden the Hero Honda bike that was used in their criminal operation..This evidence was important for the police to establish the crime of the two accused..As the team was searching for the bike the two smart criminals tried to give our police team a slip and ran away..”

“Our officer Ravinder Reddy first asked them to halt..They did not stop..Later as a measure of warning he fired a bullet in the air..They still refused to stop and started running faster..Left with no other option,our officer was forced to shoot at them that resulted in their death..I express my sincere apologies to the people of Andhra Pradesh for this grave error which however was not intentional ..”


Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.Let every nation know,whether it wishes us well or ill,that we shall pay any price,bear any burden,meet any hardship,support any friend,oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty... John F Kennedy

DISCLAIMER : This entire story is my imagination based on the facts mentioned by the Director General Of Police during the press conference he convened in Hyderabad…I have seen this conference live on T V and also read about it in news papers..